Redefine lead generation process with this 6 ways in 2019 [ updated ]

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Redefine lead generation process with this 6 ways in 2019 [ updated ]

"In Marketing, lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business.” – Wikipedia

With the development of lead generation methods, it is essential to keep moving ahead with your audience.

What is a lead?

When you observe an individual gravitating towards your brands while seeking some services - you can consider him as a potential lead.

A lead is a potential prospect which has the financial ability to become your customer.

Now that you know what is a lead, let's discuss what qualifies as a lead.

What qualifies as a lead?

By implementing a lead qualification system, your team can easily evaluate the potential of a lead and segment them according to their preferences, helping your sales team to approach them in a more personalized way.

To qualify a lead you can practice the following 

  1. Create your ideal customer profile
  2. Track past conversations, browsing behaviors, and their area of interest
  3. Understand their concerns which are stopping them to buy your service and product
  4. Understand the touch-points ( communication channel ) they ideally use to interact with your brand
  5. Consolidate the data and conversations that took place across touch-points into one unified platform which help you engage your audience better.

Once you know how to qualify a lead, you can then set strategies to generate leads.

How to increase lead generation?

The lead generation process is nothing but the process of attracting more and more visitors and to turn them into qualified ones by any means or tactics of your marketing strategy. However, digitalization has changed the way leads are generated.

Lead generation in the era of digital marketing 

Lead generation in the era of digital marketing means being available at multiple touch-points and engagement points and quickly address customers’ concerns, clear up their doubts and encourage them to progress towards sales closure.


In this blog, I have mentioned 6  lead generation techniques to supercharge your lead generation process.

Lead generation techniques

1. It's all about communicative Technology and how you employ that in the Lead generation process

"The lead generation process starts by finding out where your target market 'lives' on the web." - Wayne Davis

The Lead generation process is all about reaching people through seamless and effective communication processes.

Let's not discuss old school communication techniques. Let us focus on the latest communication tools that will rule the market in the upcoming years.

One of the questions that businesses keep raising is How to generate leads with our website?

According to Neil Patel, live chat can help you attract more leads and even increase your conversion rate.

  • Convert your website visitors into leads with visual engagement tools

Gone are those days where people used to wait over phone calls to get a response from service representatives, or need to wait for 2-3 days to get a response via email.

Eventually, we are in the age of live communication, and now customers’ expectations are rising. They want solutions to their queries instantly with minimum response time.

The best tool to fulfill customer demands is the use of live chat or video call or co-browse.

Video chat is the best tool to move your leads down the funnel to a sale, but to actually generate leads from a video chat you have to think of video as a conversation.

If you will simply put the video for the customers to watch, you will never hear from them again. Instead create the video that keeps the customer engaged with the brand and make them think, “Wow! That was interesting.”

Acquires’ live voice and video chat software, which offers all of these services mentioned above under an umbrella, is here to redefine the world of live communications by which business can successfully generate potential leads and convert them.


Live chat is the best real-time communication platform. It enables your customer representative to be creative, informative and fully functional during a live chat session. It's the level of interactive communication which matters the most as it builds trust in customers.

Secondly, live chat has various functionalities which give users a rich experience on a personal level.

Moreover, you can help and guide your customers in multiple ways using the tool like Acquires’ live chat software without disturbing the on-going live chat session.


Along with the live voice and video chat functionality, this tool also offers a bunch of other features like co-browsing, screen sharing, and file sharing capabilities.

The Co-Browsing facility is the most effective tool when lead generation is concerned. So, what it can do?

Technically these:

    • Connects you with your consumer’s browser
    • Highlights elements on the browser
    • Helps you to demonstrate
    • Open links in the browser
    • Fill in forms

The primary objective of this co-browsing facility is to clear all the doubts of your customers Added to that, the screen sharing facility does the same by helping you to guide your customers to reach any particular web page or give quick solutions to their queries.

Live chat when integrated with co-browsing will surely boost your lead generation process and system.

2. Customer relationship management

I bet, nowadays, there is hardly any business that doesn't use a CRM system for generating and nurturing leads. Undeniably, it's a bottom line requirement.

According to this recent study by VentureBeat, “80% of companies have generated more leads, and 77% of companies have witnessed an increased conversion ratio by employing CRM systems.”

CRM is a multi-layered system used to track leads, opportunities, and deals with the sales team.

Typical layers of a CRM system are:

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Customer response
  3. Customer needs
  4. Customer loyalty
  5. Customer retention
  6. Customer service

Pick any layer, and you will find that each layer of the whole system depends on how good and versatile your communication techniques are.

Apparently, you can only measure anything when you understand it properly and for a proper understanding of your customer’s demands you need to implement a versatile communication tool like live chat on your website.

3. Email Marketing

“Email is the glue that binds everything together.” –Michael Stelzner

Email marketing is still one of the most effective lead generation techniques. Marketers still believe that email is still the most effective and successful tool for acquiring and nurturing leads through the sales funnel.

As per the MarketingSherpa Lead Generation Benchmark Report, “Email Marketing is the most widely used lead generation practices over other lead generation tools.”


Admittedly, email marketing is still the best lead generation and lead nurturing tool when it's used with an integrated CRM and analytics systems.

4. Speaking events - potential leads love confident voices

Yes, this is the most effective psychological tool for generating leads. This is where you can express the true ‘you’ to your audience.

The first step to use this tool is to plan your own event for a suitable situation. Now, what is a suitable situation here? Most of the people set up their events just because they want to, that's where they are on their own feet.

Set your event for expressing something new, like a new product or some new changes to your brand or any important unknown news required to market.

Another thought is, don’t engage so much time of others’ for your own events. So, choose effectively. A smart speaker can express his thoughts precisely within 5-10 minutes and use the remaining span for questioning sessions.

Keep time to listen to others, clear doubts, you will reach them more effectively than just talking.

5. Create Content in different formats and focused blogging as lead generating tools

Content is the best lead generation technique to boost lead generation process. Users like to read well researched and focused contents. Write informative content and grab the attention of viewers.

Any content that is catchy and relevant will surely convince users to do business with you. You can generate more leads by providing valuable data and information about your product or services.

Try to focus on what they want from you, then start providing the right content solution and gain their trust for understanding.

According to WebDAM, here is why you need to focus on contents on demand:


To quench the versatile demands of your customers, you can consider creating your contents in different formats like webinars, videos, infographics, and slideshares.

Moreover, this will fulfill another objective. By using these contents in different formats, you will be able to stay afloat on various social surfaces which demand your presence on them.

6. Replacing sales with support

One of the most powerful ways to generate leads and increase conversion - is to offer one-time contact resolution.

If you are able to address and solve customer queries in the first interaction itself, it can turn out to be a game changer in your lead generation process. A good example of this is

One of our clients an insurance company started their online insurance service and started facing some challenges in terms of attracting and closing new contracts as the customers who visited their website have to go through a tedious form filling process, as a result, qualifying leads became a convoluted process.

Through co-browsing, the customers were able to access the secured online documentations while seeking help from the sales agent through visual cues.

As a result, there was a significant decrease in the average operating time by 50 and an increase in the rate of closing contract by 62%.


Lastly, despite these tons of stats, the lead generation process is more art than math. Think about what you buyers need? Walk the path in their shoes. Look for potential questions which point to your products and believe in this fact that leads are human beings first, digital patterns second.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

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