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Create a consistent customer experience and minimize your spend on tools and teams. This year’s forecast just got a little brighter.
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Implement our out-of-the box channels within minutes (no code required).
Create and retain loyal customers to drive higher ROI.
Track agent performance, resolution times, and customer satisfaction.
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Save time and money
Optimize agent workflows through automation and reduce response and resolution times to create satisfied, repeat customers.

Know what’s working, and what’s not

Use analytics to see which channels and agents are providing the best results so you know where to focus your efforts and how to grow your team.
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Customer spotlight
Philip Jöckel
Philipp Jöckel, Business Development at Level 4.0 (Audi)
Not only could Acquire deliver the functionality our client needed but the spirit of the company and the responsiveness of the organization as a whole — from sales to development to customer success — was out of this world.
4x growth in Audi website visitor conversations
4.5 out of 5 average CSAT score
Philipp Jöckel, Business Development at Level 4.0 (Audi)


Get up-and-running in minutes
Don’t waste resources on implementation. Have the Acquire platform up and running quickly with no coding or engineering resources required.

Business Rules

Filter out the noise
Make sure agents are only talking to the customers who match the conditions and criteria that matter most to your business using Business Rules.
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