Co-browsing allows you to see and interact with your customer’s web screen in real time

No unnecessary downloads or barriers between your team and customers

Acquire Cobrowse
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Point your customers in the right direction with drawing and highlighting tools

highlight in cobrowse solution
Change pages

Navigate customers through your website by switching pages for them

co-browsing masking
Mask fields

Control what customer information agents can see and interact with (think credit card details)

co-browsing with no downloads
No Downloads

Avoid messy third-party downloads; initiate co-browsing in one click to view and interact with customer screens

Level up your business with co-browsing

Acquire cobrowse improves support, drive sales, and creates a better experience for customers

1. Customer Support
View and understand customer support issues instantly to resolve them in one session
2. Sales
Guide customers from product selection to checkout in seconds
3. Onboarding
Deliver instant value with an impactful onboarding experience
4. Call Centers
Set up agents with the tools they need to provide exceptional service
acquire co-browse for businesses
co-browse with your on the phone sales team

Introducing co-browsing
for your on-the-phone
sales team

Acquire Cobrowse isn’t just for your online team — it’s also available for phone support representatives to support customers dialing call centers

Also, you can do live chat and video call while co-browsing on the web and mobile

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Ensure painless customer communication with co-browsing

No download required, support all the browsers, devices and platforms.

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Seamlessly cobrowse within mobile apps

Acquire’s co-browsing solution is the first to help teams interact with customer screens on mobile apps — in real time, too! Whether it’s for a support or technical issue, co-browsing is key to making sure your app’s customers convert quickly and successfully.

  • It is available for the web, Android and iOS native apps.
  • Mobile SDK for native and hybrid platforms

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Cobrowse within your Mobile apps
Co-browse any web-page with your customers

Cobrowse any web page with customers

Acquire’s co-browsing helps your team see and interact with customer screens not just on your site, but on other sites, too.

Yes, just put URL on a co-browse box in the dashboard, and start co-browsing any sites

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Don’t just tell — show!

With co-browsing, you’ll connect with customers on a highly personalized level

Spur customers into action

Get ahead of your online competition. Simply use Acquire Cobrowse to help customers find information and encourage them to stick with you.

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