Co-browsing allows you to see and interact with your customer’s web screen in real time.

Removing barriers between your team and customers

Acquire co-browse

Point your customers in the right direction with drawing and highlighting tools

Changing pages
Changing pages

Navigate customers through the website by changing the page for them

co-browsing masking
Typing/Field masking

Control what an agent can see and interact with. E.g. credit card details

co-browsing with no downloads
No Downloads

Co-browse is initiated within 1-click and requires no downloads from your team or customers

How businesses are using co-browsing

Learn how Acquires co-browsing software can improve support, drive sales and enhance customer experience

1Customer Support

Instantly see and understand your customers issue and resolve it first-time.


Guide customer from product selection to checking out in seconds.


Deliver instant value with an impactful on boarding experience

co-browsing for businesses
co-browse with your on the phone sales team

Introducing co-browse
with your ‘on-the-phone’
sales team

With teams on the phone and on chat, ‘co-browse mode’ allows you to serve customers who dial-in to call centres.

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Strengthen your communications strategy with Co-browsing

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Co-browse within your
Mobile apps

Acquire co-browsing is the first solution which allows you to interact with your user's screen in real-time on a mobile app. From support to technical issues, this co-browsing solution plays a key role in making users successful with your app

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Co-browse within your Mobile apps
Co-browse any web-page with your customers

Co-browse any web-page
with your customers

Acquire co-browsing allows your team to see and interact with the customers screen not just on your website, but any other website too.

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Show your customer instead

Co-browsing in Action

Encourage to take action

With so many different ways today to find information online, it can
sometimes be hard to know where to go to first.

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