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Offer world-class online support

View and interact with your customers’ browsers when they get stuck. Guide the way with visual cues using Acquire Cobrowse.

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Trusted by thousands of companies across the world.

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what is co-browsing

Troubleshoot collaboratively on-screen

Acquire Cobrowse enables two-way browser-based interaction, with no downloads required for customers. Point, click,
and annotate your customer’s screen with their permission, anywhere on your website or mobile apps.

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Control what is shared

Let agents see only what customers want to show. Mask specific elements of a page, like credit card input fields. Acquire meets all major data and security regulations.

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Acquire features
Acquire features

Visually guide the way

Make it easy for customers to follow along. Use highlighter and marker tools to point customers in the right direction.


Support your customers entirely on mobile

Help your customers get unstuck with mobile cobrowsing in-app on iOS and Android. Acquire is the only solution that provides a mobile SDK.

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Cobrowse Software for Businesses

User-friendly for customers

Create better customer experiences with Acquire Cobrowse.

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No Downloads

Unlike screen share, cobrowse is browser-based and doesn’t require customers to download anything.

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Cobrowse modes

Choose from a range of ways to cobrowse with users, including by phone, in silent mode, and more.

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Multi-tab support

Cobrowse beyond one website. Whitelist multiple domains to enable customers to navigate freely.

Salesforce Integration

Acquire Cobrowse + Salesforce

Bring the power of visual engagement on-screen to your
Salesforce customer database.

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Salesforce App Exchange

Connect with us on the AppExchange to initiate no-download, permission-based cobrowsing.

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Salesforce Live Agent

Need to resolve issues on-screen while chatting in Salesforce Live Agent? Turn on the Aquire Cobrowse integration.

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Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud

Amplify your customer service with Acquire Cobrowse technology, right within Salesforce Service Cloud.

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The Ultimate Guide on Cobrowsing

Rising customer expectations have made their way into the insurance industry. Learn about five customer experience trends affecting insurers in 2020.

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Cobrowse your way to customer

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