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A more collaborative support experience

The ability to view and interact with visitors’ desktop or mobile app screen empowers agents to deliver more efficient, connected experiences. Use cobrowse to walk customers through resolutions in real time, reduce frustration, boost loyalty, and improve overall customer and agent satisfaction.

Improve support and customer service

See what your customers see for more contextual conversations. Bring product demos to life, help with product selection or assist with applications and order forms.

Safe and secure conversations

Acquire’s cobrowsing tools meet key data and security regulations. Mask specific elements of a page and hide sensitive information like credit card or social security numbers.

Meet customers where they are

Whether a customer reaches out via chat, SMS, mobile app, or desktop, starting a cobrowse session is only a click away. Cobrowse also works across multiple web pages on the same domain.

Acquire cobrowse software for sales and support

Measurable ROI

Quickly resolve customer issues, reduce handle time, improve first-call resolution, and watch your CSAT rise

No coding required

Unlike screen share, cobrowse enables a two-way, browser-based conversation without the need for engineering support, additional software, or downloads.

Consolidate your customer service

Streamline conversations and workflows even further by combining cobrowse with chatbots, voice, video, and live chat to give customers the freedom to choose how they want to connect.