A simplified video chat solution for engaging customers

Acquire’s platform helps you launch video and voice calls in just one click

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A simplified video chat solution for engaging customers


Humanize your business by simplifying customer communication and building meaningful relationships
Keep up to date

Keep up to date

Acquire’s personalization technology helps customers engage with you in new, innovative ways.
Boost productivity

Boost productivity

Voice calls are quicker and more direct than written chats, so you’ll help your customers and your team save time

Create meaningful conversations with customers

Acquire transforms the way companies, teams and customers engage in real time
Having better conversations with customers


Acquire helps you connect with customers, qualify more prospects on your website and build better relationships through video chat


Provide your support team with live video chat to help them solve issues faster, boost satisfaction and humanize your approach.
Customer Experience

Customer experience

A little personalization can go a long way. Make your customers feel like family with the power of audio and video chat.
video chat

A quicker, cost-effective way to connect with customers

Your customers shouldn’t have to dial a call center to talk to your team. With Acquire’s video and voice calling capabilities, you’ll save time and hard-earned cash.

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Making Video/Voice seamless

Making video and voice chat seamless

With Acquire, you can Implement video and voice chat on your site in just a few minutes
Forget downloads
Acquire’s video and voice chat capabilities run on your browser, so they don’t require any third-party downloads and extensions
One-click activation
Both video and voice chat capabilities activate with one click from agents and customers
One- or two-way video
Agents and customers choose between video or voice calls, with an additional option of one- or two-way communication
Automatic recording
Acquire stores each video or voice call to a cloud so they’re always accessible to your team

Whether you’re on desktop or mobile, it’s always compatible

With a personalized Bot and customized knowledge base, you can provide customers with helpful answers, collect important data and route difficult conversations to the most appropriate human agent.
palace resort

Deyanira Sosa, Palace Resorts

We are taking advantage from all the extraordinary tools that Acquire offers. Where not only the number of chats have increased, but also the satisfaction of the client and therefore greater % of closings in sales.
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Video Chat Compatible with Desktop and Mobile Devices

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