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VIDEO CHAT SOLUTIONS Recreate the in-store experience online with video

Social distancing and COVID-19 have fundamentally changed the retail customer experience. With Acquire Video Chat software, you can connect face-to-face with customers safely, from home or on the go.

The value of video


85% of customers found using video helpful.

Integrate video chat with live chat,chatbot etc.

23% of consumers want a face-to-face interaction for complex issues.

Mobile videochat

75% of consumers prefer a human interaction.

Easily book meetings on video chat now
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Come for the video chat, stay
for the customer experience

Pair video chat with live chat, chatbots, cobrowsing and more to truly
engage your customers—any time, any place.

VIDEO AND VOICE CHAT SOFTWARE Top benefits of video calls for
customer service

Hassle-free for customers and agents

No third-party downloads required. Enable visitors and customers to connect with your team in just one click from a live chat conversation. Acquire’s video chat software is mobile-friendly, too.

Book meetings
now, not later

Connect with customers instantly on a personal level. Escalate to a consultation, sales meeting, appointment, and more straight from a chat.

Show and sell with video chat

Provide an interactive shopping experience. Whether you’re selling clothes, furniture, or cars, showcase your products to customers live over a video chat tour.

Customer success with video chat

“We increased our speed to guests from 10 days to 5 days, which is
significant for the customer experience.”

— Norman Alegria, Director of Guest Services, The Dufresne Group
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The case for video chat

Interested in learning about how a video live chat
solution works? Read from our blog.


Looking Customers in the Eye: Pros and Cons of Video Chat

Using video chat for customer service is critical in a post-pandemic world. But, it's not perfect. We explore pros and cons to help you make the most of this tech

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Why the Moment for Video Chat for Business is Now

For many, video chat has become essential to business during the pandemic. Here's why and how to use video chat to sustain sales and engage customers.

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See, solve, and satisfy

Visually guide your customers through complex support issues, all
with a personalized touch. Equip your customer service teams with
chat video software to support today’s consumers.

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LIVE VIDEO ASSISTANCE Lend a virtual hand

With video chat, you can improve key metrics and processes across your entire customer journey.

Improve first contact resolution

Save customers time documenting product repair issues. Assess the need for support through video chat and quickly determine the next best course of action.

Escalate to video chat calls

Enable customers to switch between web chat, social media, phone calls, and more. Offer video chat for more complex matters that require face-to-face resolution.


Integrate video chat with real-time support tools

Acquire is an all-in-one platform for customer support. Combine video chat with the rest of the Acquire suite, which includes cobrowsing, live chat, chatbots, calls, social media, and more.

LIVE VIDEO SUPPORTMore video chat features
your team will love

Provide visual support across your entire customer journey with Acquire
Video Chat software.

Video recordings

Record video sessions to help with customer service team training and security.

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One-way or two-way video

Turn only your camera on, or choose to have both customer and agent video chat enabled.

Video enabled one way or two way
No installations

Connect in a single click, with no downloads for customers or agents.

No installation required
Browser support

All major internet browsers supported, and completely mobile-friendly.

Browser friendly
Always secure

Acquire meets all major data and security standards, including GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC-II.

Acquire security
Mobile SDK

Customize the video chat experience in your company’s mobile app.

Compatible on various mobile apps
Create Wow customer experience with Acquire

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Engage your customers
with video chat software

Learn how video chat can help you take your
customer conversations to the next level.