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Recreate the in-person experience online

Your customers want their questions answered and issues resolved quickly. But sometimes more complex customer requests require a face-to-face connection. Video chat allows your team to provide a high-touch, engaging support experience no matter what problem needs to be solved.

What makes our
video chat solution different?

Faster first contact resolution

Agents can quickly shift to video chat from phone or chat to quickly solve more complex issues while providing a more engaging support experience.

No third-party

Visitors and customers can connect with your team on live chat in just one click — no downloads necessary for customers or agents

Video chat recording access

Save and watch recordings of video chats to help measure agent performance, gain customer insight, improve support outcomes, and shape agent training.

Browser supported and mobile-friendly

Acquire’s video chat is supported by all major internet browsers and is completely mobile-friendly. Use our SDK to embed video right in your app.

We increased our speed to guests from 10 days to 5 days, which is significant for the customer experience.

— Norman Alegria, Director of Guest Services, The Dufresne Group
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The case for video chat

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Consolidate your customer service

Streamline conversations and workflows even further by combining video chat with cobrowse, live chat, and chatbots to give customers the freedom to choose how they want to connect.

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