Acquire raises $5.4M in funding round with S28, Fathom Capital and NHN Ventures

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Bots to help you grow

Scale your sales and support efforts while improving teamwide productivity with flexible, AI-based chatbots from Acquire.

Acquire chatbots

Answer up to 80% of customer questions, instantly

Acquire Chatbots work alongside your existing sales and support teams and use machine learning to interpret inquiries,
answer customer questions, and learn from new interactions.

Import FAQ

Import knowledge

Use existing FAQs, chat history, and your knowledge base to build your bot's foundation.

Train your Bot

Train your bots

Put your bots in 'Bot Camp' — bots immediately use your internal data to train for customer chats.

Acquire chatbot deployment

Deploy and grow

Place bots on your website to answer common questions and qualify leads.

Sales and lead qualification, simplified

Flow Bots work to convert visitors into qualified prospects, routing them to the right reps to keep the conversation — and your sales — going.

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chatbot conversation flow example
Lead qualification bot

Learn about your most promising prospects by asking the right questions to determine if leads are qualified.

chatbot lead routing
Lead Routing

Once qualified, Acquire Flow Bots help route leads and customers to the right representative.

Intelligent chatbot
Smart Suggestions

Let bots recommend answers to common questions, so you can spend more time on human conversations.

Improve customer experience with Acquire chatbot

Improve customer experience with intuitive bots, available 24/7

Sometimes your support team needs a little - well, support. Acquire Chatbots easily interpret customer questions and provide intelligent suggestions.

Bots reroute questions they don't understand to the best human representative.

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Analyse your chatbot performance

Key metrics to help you understand how chatbots are engaging customers and resolving issues.

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Acquire chatbot analytics
Bot conversations
Bot conversations

View conversations your bots are having with customers.

Measure chatbot effectiveness
Resolved questions

Track the number of conversations that lead to customer resolution.

Track chatbot performance
Learned experience

See which questions your bots struggle to answer and help improve its performance.

Acquire support bot

How Acquire Support Bot works

Import your FAQs and let the chatbot handle the rest.

Your Support Bot will learn from chat conversations between your support team and customers.

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Support Bot understands the question and resolves your customer's issue

Your customer
ask a question.


Your bot understands the question and resolves the issue.


Chat results are sent to your Acquire Knowledge Base for bot training.


If your bot can't resolve the issue, the chat is transferred to an agent.

How the Acquire Flow Bot works for sales

Flow Bot understands customer questions and offers up a logical sequence that ends up in lead qualification.

Flow Bot and Support Bot work together to qualify leads.

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Acquire chatbot flow

Improve sales and customer support today

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