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Scale your sales and support efforts with a modern, AI-based chatbot, integrated knowledge base and all-in-one communication platform.

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Answer up to 80% of customer questions, instantly

Acquire’s chatbots work alongside your existing support team and use machine learning to interpret inquiries, answer customer questions and learn from new experiences

Import FAQ

Import FAQs

Use your existing FAQs, chat history and knowledge base to build your Bot’s foundations

train your Bot

Train your bot

Your Bot immediately uses this data and experience to train itself for customer chats



Place the Bot on your website, and it answers common customer questions in minutes

Sales and qualification, simplified

A Sales Bot functions as a moving part of your team. It’ll work to convert visitors into qualified prospects and sends them to the appropriate human sales representative to build a good repore with all customers.

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qualify leads
Lead routing

After a customer qualifies, Acquire’s Sales Bot identifies the correct representative to route them to


Ask the right questions to determine whether certain leads are qualified. Learn about your most promising prospects.

Value tracking

Track how many customers your Sales Bot has qualified and how it interacts with your sales team. You’ll understand just how valuable Bots are to your business.

Smart suggestions

Sales Bots go beyond static text chats — they use AI to interpret customer questions, provide the most helpful responses and learn from customer inquiries

Fluent and Natural Customer Support

Fluent customer support with a human touch

Acquire’s Bots easily interpret customer questions, provide answers and offer up intelligent suggestions. If a Bot doesn’t understand a certain question, it’ll route it to the best human representative.

Bots can provide support 24-7 so that all customer questions are handled equally.

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Bots have your back

Whether you need to answer customer questions quickly or want to ease up your representatives’ time, Acquire has you covered.

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Practice (and progress) makes perfect

Check out which questions your Bot is answering with no trouble and which ones need refining

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Measure chatbot
Bot conversations

View the conversations your Bot is having with customers

Resolved questions

Measure the amount of conversations that result in the customer receiving the correct response

Customer information

View the customer details that were captured by Bots and passed along to a human team member

Learned experience

See which questions the bot is struggling to answer and improve its performance


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