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Improve customer experience with chatbot software

Automate customer support, speed up response times, boost conversion rates, and generate leads — all with Acquire Chatbots.

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Trusted by hundreds of companies across the world.

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Oh, the places you’ll grow

Open the door to more business and satisfy your customers at scale with chatbots.

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Free up precious time

Use chatbots to handle routine work and FAQs so your team can focus on strategic tasks. Configure bots to answer basic questions like, "What's your price?" and "How do I reset my password?"

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Route to a live agent when needed

Chatbot software alone can’t resolve every query. Spare your visitors a frustrating customer experience. When bots get stuck, enable them to route questions to a human customer service agent.

Acquire chatbot routing conversations to agent
Build Chatbots Without Coding
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No coding required

Create a chatbot with no need for coding knowledge. Choose the purpose of your bot and build custom workflows in minutes.

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Helping businesses put customers first

The dufresne Group client testimonial

"I. Love. That. Bot. It's generating leads for us every single minute."

Norman Alegria   |   Director of Guest Services
The Dufresne Group

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Seamlessly connect bots to other tools

Our bots play nicely with others. Build your own chatbots within Acquire, or integrate popular chatbot platforms like IBM Watson, Dialog Flow, and Azure QnA. Connect bots to third-party apps using webhooks and our open API.

Seamlessly connect bots to other tools
access to knowledge base through acquire chatbot
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Chatbots and knowledge base software: A power couple

Always have the answer. Enable customers to self-serve by giving them access to your knowledge base content through Acquire Chatbots.

Chatbot Analytics

Optimize chatbot performance

Learn which chatbots your customers find most engaging, and tweak the ones that need a little performance improvement (they won’t take it personally!)

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Add popular questions

Identify commonly asked questions and set up your bot’s answers.

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Track customer engagement

See how much your chatbots help your customers.

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View resolved issues

Get a sense of how many issues your chatbots solve over time.

Acquire chatbot analytics

Chatbot Platform

Where automation meets the human touch

Your customers are human, and our bots respect that. Streamline sales, support,
and website visitor engagement without sounding scripted.

Natural language processing

Natural language processing

Carry smoother conversations with visitors. Our bots use NLP to recognize variations of customer questions.

Conversation design

Conversation design

Our bots collect the most commonly asked questions so that you can answer them and design better user and customer experiences.

Mix and match bots

Mix and match bots

Choose between flow bots that lead users through sequences or conversational bots that use AI to respond in context.

Get more done

Get more done

One little chat window, endless possibilities. Automate customer support, qualify leads, enable newsletter signups, and more.

Webhooks and triggers

Webhooks and triggers

Create a more personal customer experience with chatbots that respond pulling name, order history, and other variables.

Real time service

Real time service

Reduce wait times with chatbots as your virtual assistants. Wow web visitors with instant customer support.

The Rise of Chatbots


The Rise of Chatbots

Rising customer expectations have made their way into the insurance industry.
Learn about five customer experience trends affecting insurers in 2020.

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Grow your business with chatbots

Learn how bots can help you improve your digital customer experience

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