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Scale your support with a modern AI based chatbot and integrated knowledge base.

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Automate up to 80% of your customers questions

Our intelligent chatbots work alongside your existing support team and uses machine learning to answer and understand customer questions
Import FAQ

Import FAQs

Use your existing FAQs, chat history or knowledge base to start building your Bot
train your Bot

Train your Bot

Your Bot will automatically start training itself from your data and chat history


Place the Bot on your website so answer customer questions in minutes

Sales and qualification made easy!

Salesbot is your personal sales team. Salesbot converts online customers into qualified prospects and send them to the right sales rep.

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qualify leads
Lead routing
Once a lead is qualified, Salesbot can identify which sales rep the customer should speak with
Ask website visitors the right questions to qualify them in real-time and increase prospects
Measure Value
Our Salesbot report makes it easy to visualize how many visitors are being qualified
Smart suggestions
Salesbot can understand customer questions and identify the correct response required.
Fluent and Natural Customer Support

Fluent and Natural Customer Support

Our Supportbot can understand customers questions and provide answers/smart suggestions and can resolve the issue or direct the conversation to the correct agent.

Set up your bot to provide support to customers 24/7.


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Measure how your Bot is coming along

Understand the success rate of questions your Bot is answering and which ones need refining

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Measure chatbot

Bot Conversations
Get an overview of how many conversations your bot is having with customers
Measure conversations that resulted in the customer receiving the correct response
Leads generated
View how many customer details were captured and past to a team member
Answered vs Unanswered
Know exactly how many questions the bot is struggling to answer and improve its performance

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