Reduce costs by routing callers to digital channels.

Increase customer satisfaction by offering SMS with call deflection.

How does call deflection work?

Reduce the burden on your agents and provide your customers with more ways to connect by redirecting incoming calls to digital channels like SMS.
step 1

IVR deflection offers to continue the conversation via text

step 2

Customer switches to texting with your agents via Acquire’s customer deflection feature

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See instant impact on your business metrics

Reduce costs by 50-80%
Reduce wait and average handling times
Increase customer satisfaction
See why our customers love us
See why our customers love us
See why our customers love us
[We choose Acquire because] we needed to be more creative with our solutions, and we needed something that would benefit both our guests and our team.
Brad Tharp,
Senior Director of Operations
Increased support inquiry response times by 2X.
Improved efficiency by moving 50% of repair consultations from in-person to video.
Reduced resolution times from 10 days to 5 days.

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