Mastermind your digital channels

Free up your agents to focus on high-priority cases.
Prioritize customers who meet the criteria and conditions that matter most to your business.
Customize your channels and workflows without engineering support.
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So, what are Business Rules?

Unlike triggers and automations that exist in legacy systems, Business Rules allow administrators to customize the Acquire platform—without engineering support.

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For administrators

Build out sophisticated support workflows that route and enable actions based on the behavioral and demographic conditions that matter most to you.

For agents

Make sure agents are only spending their valuable time talking to the customers that need the highest level of support or meet your ideal customer profile.

For customers

Improve satisfaction by directing customers to the agents, departments, and channels that best suit their needs.


Control where your customers go and who they talk to

Route customers to different places (channels, agents, departments, web pages) based on behavioral and demographic conditions (location, language, prior actions, URLs visited).
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Acquire Business Rule Creator

Freedom to build what best suits you

Apply a set of Business Rules across all of your channels, or customize them by channel—the choice is yours.

Around-the-clock support

Provide instant support, even outside of business hours, by programming bots with canned or phrase-match responses.
See why our customers love us
See why our customers love us
See why our customers love us
We don’t want our customers to have to do much to get what they need, and Acquire is a cornerstone of that.
David Goodman,
Customer Experience Lead
Automatically routes live chats to their marketing, sales, and support departments.
Achieved a 90% response rate to customer inquiries.
Can fully onboard new team members to Acquire in just one day.