Integrating Live Chat with Co-browsing for Better and Easy Real-time Support

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Integrating Live Chat with Co-browsing for Better and Easy Real-time Support

Customer expectations are exceeding in this digital era. Meeting customer demands and solving customer’s queries, instantly, is the most challenging task for every business nowadays. Customer support is probably the first business task which needs to get real-time, as customers want to get solutions to their queries instantly. They hate to wait and live chat tools have been designed for combating this challenge.

Read this article to know how live chat, along with the co-browsing facility, can push the old school customer support to the real-time customer support level.

1. On the grand quest for shaping a real-time customer support system:

In this competitive world, it’s important to build a rock-solid customer support system. For a long-term growth of the company deliver excellent customer services by providing them with a real-time assistance to the customers.

Let’s take an example of big companies like Amazon or Apple, by seeing their growth graph we can analyze that the success of these companies is because they have kept customers above all else. Customer support is the most important aspect of the business.

In this fast running world, customers expect to get answers to their questions quickly. Build a customer support system which provides instant answers to the customers in real-time. Fast customer service is crucial to boost customer satisfaction and to increase conversion rates. A lot of companies is considering a live chat with co-browsing software to provide real-time customer support. Live chat software will create a better customer service experience for customers visiting your website by providing them instant answers to their questions.

Let's start with these stats:

  • Customer satisfaction: 73% of customers are satisfied with live chat tools.
  • Customer retention- 63% of customers said that they like to revisit an online business which is equipped with live chat tools.
  • Conversion: 77% customer said that they are not likely to make a purchase without a live chat support.
  • Sales: Live chat slashed down the high sales cart abandonment incidents by 30%.
  • It takes around 40 seconds to solve a customer query through live chat. The average problem-solving time is more than 2 minutes for phone calls.

Further, there aren't many of other stats that prove why live chat is a light-year ahead that the other customer support techniques and these are the cardinal reasons behind the advent of live chat tools in customer support. That’s where acquire come in place to offer live chat tool with co-browsing software to provide real-time customer support to your customers.

Why is live chat the best communication tool? Because

  • Using live chat, your customer reps can handle multiple customer calls simultaneously.
  • Using live chat, your customer reps can answer every single customer queries in real time.

As a result, it increases the efficiency level of your customer reps which leads to lesser operating costs. Further, improved customer experience which leads to a higher level sales volume and the story doesn't end here. When Co-browsing feature works with the other live chat tools customer support becomes a breeze for your customer reps.

2. So, how Co-browsing empowers the live chat experience and provide real-time support?

American express noticed that the current response rates (industry standard) of different communication channels:

  • Phone - Queries get answered within 12 hours
  • Text - queries get answered within 1 hour
  • Email - The same in 1 day
  • Blog post comments: get answered within 8 hours
  • Social media: user comments get answered within 4 hours

This is the current picture of the communication standard and undeniably, it’s not even near to the ‘real-time’ tag. New and smart tools are needed to set the benchmark of the true meaning of the ‘real-time customer support’ standard.

Notably, live chat tools have the edge to solve the riddle and that’s why the integration of live chat with the co-browsing facility is a killer combination.

Co-browsing is one of the most essential features of a live chat software stack needs to have. Technically, co-browsing enhance the level of direct communication between a customer rep or agent and a customer. Co-browsing technology enables a customer rep to access a customer’s web browser window. Added to that, the customer reps can easily locate the position of a customer’s mouse cursor on that page.

What happens next? Customer reps can easily guide the customers by highlighting different web elements on a certain web page. Moreover, this entire process of the guiding the customers happens at a lightning fast speed. Now, you may be thinking that what is live chat doing in the whole story? Right?

The ‘wow’ factor is that you can do the both at the same time.

The point is you can live chat with a customer while you are co-browsing with him, simultaneously. Now, while co-browsing enables you to guide your customers through a graphical way, on the other hand, the live chat window completes the rest part of the guidance. Let’s face it. If you have a website, and that’s the face of your online business, you need to have these live chat tools for communicating with your customers in a better way.

3. Live chat + Co-browsing = the winning combination

It’s the central part of this article. The whole article roams around shaping a real-time customer support system through live chat tools and co-browsing is the biggest component for developing a real-time experience.

Simply consider the following points regarding co-browsing for shaping the real-time customer support:

  • It offers the complete view of the Agent’s and the customer’s screen
  • It’s a two-way interaction. That means customer reps can continue their live chat sessions with the customers while viewing their computer screens.
  • The software stack runs on every known platform. The cross-platform compatibility os the bottom line requirement of a successful software stack.
  • No extra software installation is required for co-browsing. Moreover, if clients want to use the co-browsing software alone without the rest of the live chat tools pack, it’s available.
  • Customer reps can easily use the software and get the access to their customer’s screens. It’s like point and shoots.
  • The whole communication is secured with PCI DSS encryption standards. So, there is no risk of the data theft with live chat tools.
  • Pre-chat windows do the real magic. According to the Kissmetrics, Pre chat surveys or the pre-chat windows enable the customer reps to set the tone and direction of a live chat session.

There are tons of other important factors which can prove that co-browsing is one of the cornerstones of designing a real-time customer support system easily.

Lastly, the continuous advancements of the technology have been mothering new ways to create new standards in the customer support business niche but, it’s also compounding the complex nature of the web. Having multiple customer communication channels and offering a sharp, real-time customer support service is different. Every kind of business needs to figure out this simple rule of the communication and they will have to integrate modern communication tools like the live chat software stack.

So, what are you planning to do with this? Do; share your valuable thoughts with us.

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