Silent Cobrowsing: The Ultimate Way to Support your Customers Proactively

February 19, 2020
12:00 am

“Hello, how can I help you?” That’s usually the first thing your customer support agents say when customers contact you for help, be it via phone or live chat. And that’s because they don’t know what’s wrong until the customer tells them: “I can’t reset my password”, “I can’t sign up for this service”, or “I don’t know how to submit this form."

But, what if you could reduce the time spent understanding the issue and focus on finding the solution instead? That would be great for both sides: the customer gets their issue fixed faster, while your customer support agents have more time to look after other customers.

Introducing ‘Silent Cobrowsing’. We designed this feature to provide context to the support agent who’ll be able to see where the customer is struggling without them having to explain everything in great detail or paint a picture from scratch.

How does Silent Cobrowsing work?

Imagine one of your customer support agents is monitoring their dashboard in Acquire. They notice that a customer has been on the same page containing a sign up form for the past 10 minutes. It’s possible they’re stuck with something.

So, the agent enables Silent Cobrowsing to check what’s going on. Now, your customer support agent is able to see where your customer is clicking on screen. All sensitive data is masked, so the agent won’t be able to see credit card information or anything like that. They won’t be able to see any other tabs the customer has open either, or interact with their page in any way. But, they still get valuable insight into the customer’s problem: they can see that when the customer clicks submit on the form, they get a specific error message.

Now, your customer support agent has some context about the customer’s issue. Maybe they proactively initiate a live chat session to ask the customer if they need any help filling out the form. Or perhaps ask them if they’d like to enable cobrowsing – providing a way to interact with their page and help fill out form fields in real time.

The benefits of Silent Cobrowsing

Picture the scenario above but without the help of Silent Cobrowsing. If your agent just saw a customer lingering on a page, that wouldn’t necessarily mean they’re having trouble.

So, the agent would have to wait until the customer contacted support themselves. And then, they’d have to ask what they’ve tried to do, what the error message is, how many times they’ve tried submitting the form, and so on – all of which takes time for the customer to communicate and for the agent to understand.

With Silent Cobrowsing, agents know when customers are having a problem via a secure method (agents can only see the customer browsing your company website). And, they enter the chat with valuable context already in mind. That ensures communication is quick and seamless.

Another scenario might be when an agent is having a hard time understanding the customer during a chat – perhaps the customer isn’t tech-savvy, or they’re frustrated, it could be any number of reasons. Then, the agent can seize the initiative by taking a closer look at what the customer is doing on the company page. This makes it easier for them to communicate effectively and helps your agent find the solution faster.

You have full power over this feature

If you have admin access to your Acquire’s account, you can enable and configure Silent Cobrowsing (agents don’t usually have this level of access). Just follow these three steps in your Acquire account:

1. Go to settings and click on Cobrowsing

Sign in Acquire account and go to settings and click on Cobrowsing

2. Scroll down and click on “Show silent cobrowse button”

Tick on Show silent cobrowse button

3. Save

Now, Silent Cobrowsing is enabled for your agents. Every time they check the profile of a customer browsing your website, they’ll get the option to shadow them:

Click on Silent Co-browse button to save

Better customer support all around

Silent Cobrowsing helps your agents provide excellent customer support. Pair Silent Cobrowsing with other Acquire features like cobrowsing, live chat, chatbot, video calling, and more, to create an amazing digital customer service experience.

Want to see Silent Cobrowsing and other Acquire features in action? Get in touch with us.


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