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Human-centered customer conversations

When chatbots and self-service don’t have the answer, live chat empowers agents to deliver the support customers want and need — quickly, cost-effectively. As part of your end-to-end support solution, live chat makes it easy to quickly share files, implement webhooks that collect dynamic data, translate 25+ languages in real time, and route customers to the right agents and departments.

What makes our live chat
solution different?

Unified support

Move fluidly between chat and other channels. You can also switch to video and voice calls or cobrowse directly from the live chat messenger.

Personalized conversations

Instantly answer questions in real time, refer to in-thread notes, send and share files, and use live translation to speak to customers in their language.


Complete customer context

Use the timeline view to see which actions visitors took before engaging with them. Route messages to the correct agents based on location, URL, device type, or other conditions that suit your business needs.

Personalize messages based on customer behaviour

Combine live chat with cobrowse, video chat, and chatbots to give customers the freedom to choose how they want to connect.

Live chat widget

Multitask like a pro. Handle multiple live chat conversations at once for faster resolutions and reduced customer wait times.

Any channel, anytime

Rather than relying on single-point solutions for each support channel, pair live chat with chatbots, voice, video, cobrowse, and email to connect with your customers anywhere they choose at any time — all within Acquire’s unified customer service platform.

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platform in action