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Live chat for sales and customer support

Connect with website visitors, qualify leads, and support customers in real time using all-in-one live chat software.

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Trusted by hundreds of companies across the world.

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A conversational way
to engage customers

Provide immediate service through an easy-to-use web chat interface. Collect information 24/7 through forms. Enable automation to help boost sales and improve customer experience.

  • Automate work with chatbots
  • Connect with video, voice, and cobrowse
  • Help customers self-serve
  • Target chats to specific segments

Grow your business, one chat at a time

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    Increase in sales conversations

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    Increase in website conversions

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    Average customer satisfaction

Live Chat Software for Businesses

What makes our live chat
feature different?

Modern business chat
that’s easy to use

customer messaging


Share files, launch video chats, start an audio or phone call, screen share, cobrowse, and more, right from the messenger.

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Completely customizable

Pick your messenger’s colors to match your brand. Connect the apps that make sense for your business.

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Go global

Auto-translate more than 100 languages and respond to requests from around the world.

Get complete customer
context while chatting

customer messaging

View customer history

See which actions visitors and customers took before chatting with you by accessing a timeline view.

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Easy chat routing

Don’t know the answer? No need to panic. Easily tag team members to help out with any tricky requests.

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Measure engagement

Track your busiest chat periods, most popular demographics, total chats within given time periods, top-performing agents, and more.

Personalize your Messages

Personalize your messages

Segment and send proactive messages to your customers based on visitor location, web pages, device type, visitor behavior, and more.

mask sensitive data in live chat
mask sensitive data in live chat

Mask sensitive data

Enable the sharing of personally identifiable information (PII) through live chat in a secure, fully encrypted manner.

  • Create and send PII-safe forms
  • Protect visitor-submitted data
  • Safeguard visitor data from being seen by users
  • Keep sensitive financial information safe
Mobile First

Mobile-first is

Create memorable and seamless customer journeys and improve the agent user experience with our mobile software development kit (SDK) and agent app.

  • Start or continue conversations i-app
  • Enable mobile notifications
  • Engage customers across all devices
  • Segment users by mobile usage
live chat on mobile device
video and voice call in acquire chat widget
Get face-to-face

Get face-to-face

Create an in-person customer support or sales experience by launching a video chat with just one click from your live chat widget.

Analyze your chat performance

Analyze your chat performance

Improve team performance and customer satisfaction by tracking key chat metrics, including total chats, chat duration, and customer feedback.

  • Measure and improve inbound chat volume
  • Tag conversations and spot trends over time
  • View missed and answered chats along with average wait times
  • Track number of cobrowsing sessions
Analyze your chat performance
acquire knowledge base
Sound Smart

Always sound smart

Chatting blind? Reach into your Knowledge Base to get up to speed. Share helpful content at the click of a button. Set up chatbots to share help articles outside of office hours

Read more about Knowledge Base

Pair live chat with bots for faster service

Bots for Sales

Bots for Sales

For bots, there’s no such thing as office hours. Chat with potential customers, collect contact information, increase leads, and book sales meetings 24/7.

Bots for Support

Bots for Support

Who said chatbots need to sound robotic? Carry a conversation and respond like a human with bots that use AI and natural language processing to interpret queries.

Simplified Customer Service Dashboard

Every customer interaction in one place

The key to improving your customer experience just might lie in improving your agent experience.
Equip your team to provide amazing customer service with an all-in-one engagement dashboard.

Acquire - customer engagement dashboard
  • Unified customer view

    Unified customer view

    Always know your customer's latest interaction with you whether by email, phone, ticketing system, and more.

  • Chat at scale

    Chat at scale

    Multitask like a pro. Handle multiple live chat conversations at once, without ever losing your cool.

  • Rich customer profiles

    Connect in real time

    Communicate instantly using screen sharing, video chat, chatbots, and more.

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Helping businesses put customers first

The dufresne Group client testimonial

The fact that we have a thousand people click to chat in less than two weeks - it’s working.

Norman Alegria | Director of Guest Services
The Dufresne Group

Elevate client testimonial

Acquire’s customer support tools helped us qualify issues faster, provide more efficient help and reduce resolution time.

Brad Tharp | Senior Director of Operations

HLC client testimonial

We don’t want our customers to have to do much to get what they need. And Acquire is a cornerstone of that because it helps us achieve that goal.

David Goodman | Customer Experience Lead

Splashtop client testimonial

Our sales conversations have increased by over 35% since switching over to Acquire from Zendesk. In our case, conversations lead to higher conversion rates

Italo Nava | Inside Sales Manager


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