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Live chats and in-app messaging make chatting with customers a breeze

Acquire live chat is the fastest, most effective way to talk with customers on your site and mobile apps
1. Engage and convert buyers
Acquire live chat helps you reach out to the right customers at the perfect time in their purchasing journey
2. Lightning-fast customer support
Live chat software resolves issues quickly by giving customers instant access to your support team
3. Onboard in a snap
Ease the pain points of new customers by guiding them through your product.
engage and convert buyers

What’s in it for my team?

Acquire chat features is all about keeping customer conversations going with team
Targeted messaging
Send one-to-one or group-based messages. Target them based on customer behavior and your goals.
Actionable chat forms
Don’t lose the visitors you worked so hard for. Collect relevant information before they start chatting — even if you’re offline.
Intelligent routing
Send customers to the agent that’s right for their needs at specific points in their journey
targeted messaging
Continue from previous chats
Allow customers to continue previous conversations to limit repetition and frustration
Easier collaboration
Include multiple team members in a chat to ensure customers find what they need
Helpful ratings
Drive customer satisfaction by collecting feedback and ratings after every chat

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Let’s streamline your customer communications.

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Automate customer conversations

Add a personalized chatbot to your team to provide customers with actionable answers, collect their details and route conversations to human agents only if needed
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We are taking advantage from all the extraordinary tools that Acquire offers
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live chat

Never miss key insights

Whether you’re looking for a quick overview or in-depth performance reports, Acquire’s detailed analytics feature lets you know exactly how you’re doing

Paul Biancaniello, Kleer

great features that really allow for better engagement with our customers
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All chats
View your total number of chats, including which ones were missed and which were answered
Response time
See how long customers wait before their chats are answered
Average chat time
Understand how many agents you need online by checking out each chat’s length
Agent performance
Review agents, chats, NPS scores and acceptance rates to maximize your entire team’s performance

Keep it together

We’ll automatically sync all chat history for every customer so you can see everything in a single report.

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Keeping it together

Get your customer support covered with Acquire

Acquire is the first all-in-one communication platform for businesses across the board. We help you create, manage and automate targeted conversations with customers, gather crucial data and deliver impactful results.
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