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Offer instant, conversational customer support

Connect with customers online and solve issues on the spot with live chat software from Acquire.

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acquire live chat software

Trusted by thousands of companies across the world.

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live chat widget

One widget to rule them all

Chat with customers, sync your knowledge base, integrate chatbots, provide personalized support—all through the Acquire live chat widget.

  • Automate work with chatbots
  • Do more with 100+ apps
  • Help customers self-serve
  • Target chat to specific segments

Live Chat Software for Businesses

What makes our live chat
platform different?


Connect your customer messaging

Live chat is just one part of your customer service. Respond to chats alongside requests from other channels with Acquire Unified View.

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acquire knowledge base for instant sharing of content

Always sound smart

Chatting blind? Reach into your Knowledge Base to get up to speed. Share helpful content at the click of a button.

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Personalize your messages

Segment and send proactive messages to your customers based on visitor location, visitor page URL, device type, visitor behavior, and more.

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mask sensitive data in live chat

Mask sensitive data

Enable personally identifiable information to be shared through live chat in a secure, fully encrypted manner.


Mobile-first is customer-first

Mobile devices account for nearly half of web visits worldwide. Acquire Live Chat is completely mobile-friendly.

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video and voice call in acquire chat widget

Get face-to-face

Create an in-person customer support experience by launching into a video call with just one click from your live chat widget.

Simplified Customer Service Dashboard

Every customer interaction in one place

The key to improving your customer experience just might lie in improving your agent experience.
Equip your team to provide amazing customer service with Acquire’s all-in-one dashboard.

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    Unified customer view

    Always know your customer’s latest interaction with you, whether an email, phone call, chat, or more.

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    Chat at scale

    Multitask like a pro. Handle multiple live chat conversations at once, without ever losing your cool.

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    Rich customer profiles

    Stay informed on your customers. Get detailed insights into your customer at a quick glance.


Connect to 50+ of
customer service tools


Try out our integrations to make communication with
your customers easier.

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