5 Reasons Proving Why Customer Service Representatives More than Just an Employee?

Laduram Vishnoi
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5 Reasons Proving Why Customer Service Representatives More than Just an Employee?

The most important thing you can do to improve relationships with the customer is by streamlining the customer support process. Customer service plays an important role in making your business grow. No matter how good your product is, the customers most likely to remember the quality of the support they receive.

To provide good customer service, you should have talented and motivated customer service representatives around to carefully listen and attend to the customers. Customer service representatives are the face of your company.

Customer service representatives are the one who constantly deals with the customers and provides them the information regarding products and services. Customer service representatives make sure that their customers are satisfied for a continuous growth of the company.

I have mentioned some of best valid reasons to know why customer service representatives are more than just an employee and how those practices will help to build a brand image and to boost sales and conversions of your company.

1. Your customer care reps are your public face:

Customer service is the most important part of any business. You need to offer excellent customer service in order to retain the customers and attract new customers and to grow your company. In order to offer an excellent customer care service, you should have a strong customer care representative team.

Your customer care reps are the only real connection between a CEO and their team leaders and the customers in the real world. If the connection is weak, the company may lose the customers and competitors will swoop in to take advantage of the situation.

Several companies lose their customers because of their poor customer service. In order to get the success, it is very important that you offer quality customer service to the customers. Make sure that your customers are greeted well; their complaints are handled properly and get proper information about the products and services.

Customer service representatives play an important role in offering best customer support and fulfilling customer expectations. Customer care reps are your public face.

You need your customer care reps so strong and powerful because their JOB is to cool down the boiler headed customers too when the business is facing the worst tsunami ever. Trust me; they face it.

Customer care agents continuously remain in contact with the customers and are the face of the company. Provide proper training to your customer service agents in order to streamline customer support process and to boost customer satisfaction. Through effective customer service training, agents increase their ability to resolve issues.

2.  Empower you Customer care reps with proper communication tools:

“When it comes to business you don’t need to learn new language, you just need to manage a communication tool.” – Kenneth OE Sundin

communication tools

As we discussed, that why Customer care reps play an important role in offering an excellent customer service. Now empower your customer care reps with customer communication tools to boost customer engagement and support.

Direct communication tools like live chat come handy for better customer service. People always love to hear a human voice and, a face behind it more than anything like digital or robotic means.

Combining live chat with co-browsing or video chat can increase sales and can take the business to the next level. Now, mingle them all with CRM. This will store the details of the customers and this data will be useful while doing an analysis.

So, what you need is to have an easy-to-use toolkit with all of the above on one platform. But it must not take much time to process or waste a lot of space. There is no need to download any third party software to have the advantage.

Acquire offers the best customer communication tools at a very reasonable rate to streamline your customer service process. For long-term growth of the company, empower customer reps to use the right tools which can help them to increase efficiency and improve performance.

3.  Customer care is your best marketing strategy:

Customer service and marketing should go hand in hand to strengthen your relationship with the customers and to draw new customers and increase your revenue.  As per stats, 7 out of 10 Americans said they would spend more with companies they thought provided best customer service.

Here go all the tricks in the hand of your customer care team. Encourage your customer care people to clear your marketing obstacles and, to set your voyage to an unbridled success.

Now, it’s not that easy as it seems to say about public contacts. There may have some people who are like inborn grumpy, but the skills of the customer care representatives are mentioned below.

  • The most crucial skill of a good customer care representative is PATIENCE. Whoever the consumer is, a curious one, or a grumpy or maybe an enthusiast, customer care personnel must maintain the cheerful environment.
  • Then comes LISTENING. Some people are like talking much and, hear less. For a customer care agent, it’s a big no-no.
  • After listening, a READING human mind is a most required skill for the customer service team. Sometimes people can’t express their desire. While in customer service, you must be able to extract the right information in a moment.
  • Another factor is PRONUNCIATION with LANGUAGE. A crystal clear voice with smooth pronunciation in a lucid language is a promising technique to attract people to you.
  • The last one is POSITIVITY. No-one likes to hear negative truths. Must need to be tricky when expressing them.

4.  Motivate them with rewards and recognition:

rewards and recognition

Being the image of the business, your customer care team faces all the ups and, downs while dealing with the customers. Whatever happens in the firm, they are there to answer for everything. Hence they deserve their reward; they deserve recognition.

An unsatisfied or unfulfilled agent can’t maintain the pleasant environment for the customers for a whole day long. So, to serve best, they need their best.

“Next to excellence is the appreciation of it.” – William Makepeace Thackeray

Direct monetary rewards don’t go well in this case since it can create negative competition within the group.

But a bonus structure like “variable compensation,” means compensation depending on performance is a known term for a lot of companies and, works well for the whole team.

Appreciation leads to satisfaction and as a result productivity increases.

Happier and healthier customer support will encourage team members to achieve their goals and this will lead to building good relationships with the customers.

Start with easy goals, praise when done and, they will try to achieve more.

5. Your customer service reps are the next social media managers:

“Don’t use social media to impress people; use it to impact people.” – DaveWillis.Org

Customer support through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter to quickly answer the customer's query is the best way to engage with the customers. Social media is the best platform to catch curious eyes.

Nielsen’s 2012 social media report claims that almost 50% of US customers use social media for their queries, express gratitude or to complain about anything.

This stage holds a significant advantage of a large audience upon the regular individual web communication. You and, your site becomes an open book to everyone.

“Engage, Enlighten, Encourage and especially... just be yourself! Social media is a community effort, everyone is an asset.” – Susan Cooper

So, the responsibility goes again on the shoulder of your customer care team. To connect more leads, they become the media guru.

It’s all about the approach. Different moods require different approaches and, the agents should wait for the right one. A prompt reply from customer service reps on social media represents an extremely caring persona socially and, connects the dots towards a greater good.

Lastly, I would say, smooth and pleasant customer service teams have the ability to break all the barriers over the road to greater success.

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