Top 10 Ways to Enhance Customer Support Experience for Your Clients

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Top 10 Ways to Enhance Customer Support Experience for Your Clients

Clients and customers love the taste of good products and services on a regular basis. However, there is one more thing that they cherish and expect from their beloved brands—competent customer service.

For some people, good customer support is the deal breaker. However, good customer support is one thing, and out of the box, excellent customer service is another.

There are companies that spend millions of dollars yearly just to tick all the boxes in the mean feat to provide unforgettable customer service to all their clients.

So, let us take a look at the 10 best ways by which you can make your company’s customer service experience unique and fulfilling.

1. The whole company has to contribute

A company has several departments and sections, but everyone thrives to collectively achieve all organizational goals. And if a company is serious about providing good customer support to its user, then providing the support must be one of the core objectives of a company.

Customer support is not a department where employees try to push files, it is actually a responsibility that a company, as a unit, has to adhere by and fulfill in the best interests of their clients. A great example of this is shown by Adobe.

The company tells the people of its engineering team to take the turn when they have to do their live chat with their customers. This allows the whole team to get firsthand experience on what the customer needs.

Apart from that, if the whole company—or possibly a handful of people from every section—is involved then this can only encourage faster addressing of a customer’s complaint or suggestion.

2. Hear your customer out

“About 5 years ago, in America, 67 percent of customers changed up mid-way on customer calls as they couldn’t get a real person on phone” Source: American-Express Survey

When customers use your customer support system, they are either angry or upset about something and they want your company to address the issues. In short, they want you to notice them and they want you to react. The automated answer is not an option that you can exercise here.

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Hence it is always in your company’s best interests to hear out your customers and give them a propounding solution or answer which would fulfill their needs. Also, as soon as your customer tells you about the frustration or the problem he or she is facing, you must listen and acknowledge it.

Your customer service representatives can also reply with “let me just take rundown on what you just said”. This way your customer and you will always be on the same page and the customer would also be happy that you are actually listening to them.

3. Give solution, not reaction

When customers buy your service or product, they also pay for a competent customer service experience. Customer Service is part of the package that a client pays for and expects that the company adheres to it when needed.

Some companies try to avoid the confrontation by beating the bush. Some customer service executives provide empathy to the customer, but not a solution, which the customers actually seek.

This is where your company can provide a black and white solution to issues that the customers have. So, rather than saying ‘We understand your concern and are trying our best to solve the issue’ make sure you actually solve the problem.

4. Use technology

Technology is our best friend and we use it to our advantage. Companies, for customer support, have always tried to use technology to make things easier. For instance, 30 to 35 years back, people had to physically go and complain about a service issue or lodge their suggestions via letters. The world has moved on to e-mails, telephones, live chat and other things since then.

customer support Acquire

Companies can easily use apps and software to provide a better customer support to their clients. They can use tools like;

  • Live Video Chat—where customer executives and customers directly can chat one-on-one. This can be helpful for demonstration or service troubleshooting. Apps like Skype or Hangout are already used for customer support.
  • Screen Sharing—again helpful for any demonstration or explaining the purpose, but if you want to provide a live presentation or troubleshooting to your customer, then sharing of screens can be useful.
  • Provide support with apps —customers have mobile phones, try to use it for better customer support experience.
  • Use Social Media— your company’s social media account can become one of the most important pages for customer support. Twitter, Facebook and Google Hangouts have the power to reach millions of people; hence, in turn, your company can also interact with your customers via them.
  • Use Branded Links - whether you're sharing customer support links on social media, through a chatbot, email, or through another channel, they are often the vehicle for distributing follow up materials. Branded links help organize and track support materials for your team, while the customer experience is heightened because links with your brand create trust and brand consistency.

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5. Do not script your answers

Scripted Answers should be avoided, as customers want active and real participation in their problem-solving. Many companies have set answers to some specific questions however this is not at all appreciated by customers. This is said over and over again when a customer contacts you the second or the third time for the same issue.

You can have scripted answer, as you do not want your customer executive to say something which is absolutely off topic or just not viable. However, use personalized scripts and address the customer in a very personal and friendly way. Take as if they mean something to you and your company. This will make the customer more accommodating and less intimidating.

Few tips:

  • Be clear when you talk
  • Enunciate
  • Use passive tones
  • Be friendly and enthusiastic

Also, if possible try to offer or do something helpful which your customers are not expecting from you. It will make the whole experience more fun and enjoyable for your clients.

6. Keep the details handy

“73 percent of consumers like doing business with companies that use personal data to enhance the shopping experience”

Customers do not like it when they have to reiterate they plight every time they call. They even hate it when your executives ask for their Date of Birth, Type of Product/Service you own, Territory/Region and finally your name.

These things may be necessary but you can always add a personal touch to them. You can start by greeting the customer with personal messages. You can also practice calling the customer by his or her first name; this really makes the customer more comfortable.

Customers like it when executives take an interest and do their homework with their data. Also, you must try to keep a database of every single customer. This would make your customer support team’s job easier. Here are some cool notations/customer experiences about personalized customer support;

  • Customers like it when they are called by their first name
  • Customers like it when  a company remembers their name
  • Customers want companies to use tools to remember their names and details etc.

7. Brief about future course of action

Customers understand that some issues do not get resolved quickly or over on the phone.

Some terminal problems are difficult to rectify and customers have kept their patience when the issue cannot be solved remotely. Customer support also transfers calls or tell customers that someone else would call them on a later date or time.

This is where customer support executives and companies must coach their clients on the future course of action. It does not matter what the customer has to endure, later on, the company must guide them thoroughly through the process- how bad or good it is.

8. The “Wow” moment

Companies work hard day and night to provide the best product and support to all their clients. They spend millions of dollars just to make sure that all your concerns are mitigated and resolved in an effortless manner.

However, what customers expect is—something different, something out of the box and something which makes them go ‘wow’. This ‘wow’ moment can come when you literally surprise a customer by going the distance!

'Wow' factor can come with any type of help, support or advice which a company can give their customer.

For example— if a customer writes to you to suggest or to make a complaint, then you reward him back with a small token coupon or a gift. You can also deliberate about giving a gift to loyal customers—just to prove you value them.

Also, one of the best ways to create a ‘Wow’ moment is by practicing to say ‘Yes’ to everything or by providing customers with a better alternative during customer support.

9. Deliver on a promise

Never make a promise you can’t keep!

This line fits well with customer support too. Your company must make sure that it delivers on the promises it makes. There is no backing out once you have made your commitment; you just have to see it through.

Customers would hate you if you back out once you have promised them support and assured them some form of solace.

10. Learn from the experiences

Customer Support can be a huge headache for any company. Thousands of your customers can bring in hundreds of new issues and complexities. You have to solve and tackle these issues and you may have to make decisions and judgments on them.

Just remember, every single case may bring something new to you. You just have to work on them and take notes, to learn, so that you’re better prepared next time.

Remember customer support is a continuous thing, and it will never end.

There you have it! The 10 ways by which you can beef up your customer service so that they can provide a better experience to your clients.

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