5 Essential Live Chat Agent Skills Needed For Superior Customer Service Experience

Laduram Vishnoi
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5 Essential Live Chat Agent Skills Needed For Superior Customer Service Experience

80% of companies believe that they are providing superior customer service, whereas only 8% of their clients agree with that fact. Isn’t it obvious that most of the companies are still trying to understand what their customers expect from them?

They follow data, like 73% of customers prefer live chat tools over other channels, so they implement it. But the real story begins after installation and no one bothers to follow it.

A successful execution of live chat software needs regular live chat support training. Without that, no one can achieve the required speed and accuracy it promises without hurting its unique ‘Human Impact.’

Also, “Customer service is not a department. It is a philosophy to be embraced by every employee, from the CEO to the most recent hire” (Shep Hyken). But no one on the team has any clear view of it.

When it comes to hiring a live chat agent, the necessary skill sets need to be considered for creating great customer service experience.

Live chat agents are the direct executioners of this service. So they need some extra skills to sharpen. Here are the 5 indispensable skills live chats agents need to have:

Impeccable Writing Skills:

Undeniably, writing skills are what directly affect the chat session.

  • Agents stay connected with 5-6 consumers at a time. So, without the ability to express their opinion in simple language, they cannot deliver the same quality solution to every customer.
  • Focus on grammar skills. Otherwise; it will create the negative impression on clients.
  • They need to have extraordinary typing skills. Without them, clients will get tired of waiting and leave the chat window.
  • Read carefully, and then answer.

Follow some extra tricks to solve any issue in real time.

  • Some canned or template messages really help to save time in this case. But using a lot of them negatively affects the attraction of the chat session. So, choose wisely and then switch to freeform text messages when needed. Some little lessons on these psychological facts will help to do it in the right way.
  • A brief pre-chat survey works well to understand the problems of individual clients and to deliver the solution immediately.
  • The presence of a typing indicator helps to see what your clients are typing and you can set an alert for the moment they press the send button.
  • Use chat history for returning customers.
  • Create a behavior analysis tool o learn the emotional facts of every individual.

Faster Response Time:

60% of people hate to wait longer than a minute. And in a live chat session, this time reduces to seconds. Don’t let them wait more than 30-45 seconds. Otherwise, they may leave the session.

You can signal to visitors if they need to wait for some unfortunate reason and ask for their forgiveness. It will appease them for a short while.

faster response time

Use a pre-chat survey to earn some time, about 30-60 seconds. Also, high-quality templates or content can save some time as well.

Here, a screen sharing feature earns the reps time, since they don’t need to write elaborate content when they can temporarily share the client’s screen and direct their mouse cursor to the right place, with their permission.

Use a co-browsing tool along with it. This helps to have a complete view of the shared screen and comes with the unique feature of instant file sharing within the chat window.

All these features can be implemented with live chat software and reduce the amount of time that it takes to resolve an issue. The example of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance will give you a clear view of the time management program and more.

Multitasking and Navigation:

While recruiting and evaluating live chat agents, check the qualities of a chat support agent. They must have skills of multitasking. Because on live chat, customer service agent may need to handle 5-6 customers at a time.

For existing customers, arrange live chat support training sessions at regular interval of time. This will motivate the customer service agent to deliver exceptional customer service to the customers.

Moreover, customer service agents skills will get sharpen and they will be able to do multitasking. They will get trained to manage 5-6 customers simultaneously while using the CRM tool along with the chat.

It’s an essential fact to focus on since 76% of clients test customer service as the scoreboard for valued customers. And 47% of them think that a fast response to a customer’s query is the key tell of a superior customer experience.

Using customer service tools like live chat software requires the ability to study the new software and daily updates quickly, and to navigate different types of software to provide an effective and quick response to the new challenges customers always face. Not only learning but finding out, new shortcuts while using these programs helps a lot to maintain quality service.

Acting Like a Human Not a Machine:

Now, the uniqueness that live chat software presents is because of the refreshing touch of human impact. So everyone must keep in mind that its quality that customers always expect from this chat session. Don’t speak in a robotic way. Your sympathetic voice will gain their trust in an unforgettable manner. Sometimes just a simple ‘Thanks’ or ‘Sorry’ can energize the whole environment in a minute. Don’t use so many pre-written texts. Your compassion is what your customers expect from you.

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