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6 Tools to Build an Engaging Omnichannel Customer Experience

January 8, 2020
12:00 am

Did you know that 87% of customers think brands need to work harder to provide a seamless shopping experience

We know that building an omnichannel customer experience is necessary to be successful at selling today. But we also know that creating one is extremely challenging, especially if you don’t have the right tools. 

Modern customers are on the lookout for easy navigation and browsing and simplified payment and shipping methods. So, the onus is on retail brands to meet consumer expectations and wow them with their customer experience throughout the user journey.

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Here are some tools that can help you build a better customer journey. These omnichannel customer engagement solutions can also help you understand the business side of things and are categorized based on different business functions.  

1.  Live help: Acquire 

Acquire - Best Customer Communication Platform

We know that it can be a hassle to communicate with your customers through multiple channels. 

The good news is that Acquire provides an all-in-one customer engagement tool that empowers teams to qualify leads, offer customer support, and boost online conversions.

While we might be biased, we think you should check out some of Acquire’s top abilities:

  • Chatbots: Allow agents to instantly connect with customers and respond to their queries.
  • Live chat: Provides fast and efficient customer support through real-time messaging.
  • Video and voice call: Streamlines customer interactions over phone calls, chat, and mobile devices.
  • Cobrowsing: Helps to safely and securely offer customer support through no-download, brower-based screensharing. 

Acquire meets the demands of customer support, sales, and service teams. To learn more, you can book a free demo

2. CRM: Keap

Keap CRM and Automation Marketing

Keap has a campaign builder that lets you track the activities of your clients, centralize contact information, and move them along the sales pipeline. 

There are three aspects of this tool that will help brands unify the customer journey: 

  • Customization: A customizable dashboard lets you track and keep records of existing customers and leads in the sales process. This, in turn, lets you trigger email sequences automatically and move them along the buyers' journey from one stage to the next. 
  • CRM: Helps unify customers across multiple platforms and touchpoints.
  • Keep your sales appointments in order: You can set automated follow-ups and send personalized emails, reminders, or texts. 

3. Operations management: Stitch Labs

Stitch Labs: Inventory & Operation Management

Inventory management is critical when it comes to omnichannel customer experiences. If a customer wants to buy a product from Instagram, shop on Amazon, or browse through a physical store, then businesses must be able to update their inventory in real-time. 

Stitch Labs is a tool that meets this need. Their operation management solution enables businesses to gain control of their inventory in their wholesale and retail channels, systems, and fulfillment locations. Here are the key functions that can help streamline operations management for ecommerce businesses:

  • Inventory management: When customers make a purchase, the tool can manage orders and offer reliable shipping through innovative automation features. 
  • Order management and fulfillment: Rather than manually tracking products and sales, this tool can streamline order fulfillment across 3rd party logistics providers and warehouses with accuracy. 

4. Social media management: Buffer 

Buffer: Social media management

Being active on social media is crucial to creating a seamless omnichannel experience for today’s customers.

With a Buffer Business plan, you can manage and plan content for up to 25 social media accounts on platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in one central dashboard. Some key benefits to using Buffer to leverage your social channels include:

  • Linking all social accounts for easy management
  • Quickly monitoring and tracking accounts across multiple platforms
  • Scheduling content in advance so that campaigns are more organized and make more sense 

Launching and analyzing your social media campaigns can be a point of frustration for businesses, but Buffer offers a full stack of brand building tools so you can raise awareness and build sales. 

5. Helpdesk support: Freshdesk

Helpdesk support: Freshdesk

Freshdesk is an omnichannel and AI-driven solution for customer support teams and contact centers. This tool allows for better ticketing and team collaboration and visibility. It can help you:

  • Streamline customer conversations through emails, chat or calls. 
  • Collaborate with other support agents to resolve issues. 
  • Automate repetitive tasks to boost productivity. 
  • Provide self-service to customers through forums and a knowledge base. 

6. Ad combinator: BounceX

BounceX : Ad combinator

BounceX is an omnichannel solution that leverages behavioral marketing to track customer data and direct them to the next step through a different channel. The tool enables you to personalize your website based on customer visitors while creating personalization for ads based on customer identity. 

Someone browsing for clothes on your website can enjoy a personalized experience without logging in. Not only does it use intent indicators to offer insights, but it also shows retargeted ads in various channels so high-intent shoppers will make a purchase. 

What’s more, after a user leaves your website BounceX will provide you with their email address so you can nurture them down your sales funnel. If a user leaves the site or abandons the cart, then sales and marketing teams will be able to reach out to them with a marketing message based on their site behavior. 

Tying it together

At the end of the day, an omnichannel strategy for retail is all about creating a unified experience between the digital and physical worlds. It has to be seamless, but that can be difficult when there’s so much information floating around out there. Leverage that data to your advantage by upgrading your tech stack and ensuring that you’re managing the customer experience from first contact to beyond acquisition.

What are the omnichannel tools that your business uses? Let us know in the comments below, and take a look at our ebooks and whitepapers for more help with all things customer service, sales, and support.


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