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Transform reactive, siloed communication into proactive, streamlined conversations and workflows

Rather than relying on a tech stack of single-point solutions for each support channel, empower your agents to resolve issues faster and provide a higher quality of service with Acquire’s comprehensive customer service platform.

Personalize the live chat experience

Easily share files, translate text in real time, share dynamic data through webhooks, and route customers to specific agents and departments through live chat. All notes and customer information is stored on the backend to add context to future conversations to continuously improve the customer experience.

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Automate your support—even after hours—with chatbots

Build sequence and conversational chatbots to automate your support and collect relevant customer information. Set up distinct experiences for working and non-working hours. Plus, easily customize the look and feel of your chat widget directly in our platform without engineering support.

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Connect face-to-face with video chat

For more complex requests or those that require visuals, instantly launch mobile or desktop video calls on the agent or customer side. Easily install and toggle this feature on or off without third party integrations.

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Provide quick, hands-on support with cobrowse

Directly guide, markup, and interact with customers’ browsers through cobrowsing and screen sharing. Maintain full control over what information agents have access to on-screen, like credit card or address input fields.

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Personalize messages based on customer behaviour

Customize your customer and agent experience through business rules

Create custom channel routing for customers based on behavioral or demographic data, like which URL they’ve visited or what country they’re in—all with no required coding.

Safeguards for you and your customers

Enjoy peace of mind with enterprise-grade security for your data. Acquire provides multi-level safeguards including SSO, whitelisting, and more. Data privacy is baked in and backed by compliance across:

  • Acquire SOC2 certified
  • Acquire GDPR
  • CSA
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