Benefits Of Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platforms for Improving Customer Service

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Benefits Of Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platforms for Improving Customer Service

Giving customers a reason to stick to your brand is important if you want to build a thriving enterprise. There are several ways you can go about it.

But in today’s post, you will see why you need to switch to omnichannel approach and how it will affect your bottom line. TEI deployed the Genesys Omnichannel engagement solution and saw an increased ROI across contact center operations of 158%.

Today, consumers want to have total control when making buying decisions. They want to buy products and services on their own terms, whenever they want, with a method that best suits them.

Did you know that the success of a retailer in today’s marketing environment isn’t solely dependent on how great the customer service department is? It’s dependent on how well the retailer keeps track and documents the customer’s journey when they’re looking to purchase a particular product.

One such approach is omnichannel engagement. so curious what is it?

Omnichannel engagement leverages multi-channel sales approach that provides the customer with an integrated shopping experience. For example, the customer can be shopping online from a mobile device, desktop, or in a brick-and-mortar store and yet, having a good time.

That means you’ll ensure that your customers receive the same engagement, experience, and message across different channels and devices involved within your different customer interaction touch points.

However, omnichannel customer engagement channels can help you to eliminate multi-channel limitations as it allows you to:

1) Serve your customers where they are

"The secret to success is to treat all customers as if your world revolves around them."

Let’s face it. Consumers want to buy products on their own terms, at their convenience, and in a method that best suits them.

Are you going to choose your own terms or your customer’s terms?

In other to build a sustainable business, you have to satisfy your customers. That means you have to appeal to them wherever they are.

And that’s exactly what Bank of America is good at. The brand takes omnichannel customer engagement seriously. They understood that their customers can decide to pay monthly bills through their mobile device, over a POS, or through the desktop apps, and they want to do it seamlessly while enjoying the same experience. Over the years, this has enabled Bank of America to connect deeply with customers and grow a highly-successful brand.

Remember that customers are more powerful today because they’re aware they have more options now than before. And they expect to get the best experience wherever they are — whether online or offline.

This is so important as it’ll not only improve your conversion rate but will also increase customer’s loyalty.

2) Gain enough individual customer insights

Every marketer knows the importance of customer insights and data to their business. With valuable data and insights, you’ll understand your customer’s behaviors better, and it will allow you to make informed decisions on how to deliver the best customer experience.

Since omnichannel customer engagement is a unified system, it’s a lot easier to assemble all the data in one dashboard and work with it.

Ask yourself this question, “at what point are they leaving your shopping cart, and what are they clicking the most on your website?”

Having this data in one place will enable you to take proactive actions and create effective strategies that will help grow your business quicker. It all boils down to finding invaluable insights about the customer, which is important when you’re deciding on what directions to take in your marketing operations.

3) Enhancement in an in-store shopping experience

Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning are redefining customer engagement like we know it.

Whitepaper- The Rise of Chatbot in Customer Service

They’re going to improve the way we capture data from offline marketing and customer engagement activities.

For example, an AI-powered robot that engages with customers in your business can improve your customer’s shopping experience and help you to capture data based on real-time engagement. This data can be accessed via your omnichannel application center easily where you can further study it, analyze it, and use it to communicate your brand message better.

Robots get to learn more about your customers through deep learning and machine learning implementation which would bring about personalization in your customer service.

According to Gartner, by 2020, smart personalization engines used to recognize customer intent will enable digital businesses to increase their profitability by up to 15%.

Whitepaper- The Rise of Chatbot in Customer Service

Econsultancy also found that:

“a project being tested at USAA uses this technique. It involves an AI technology built by Saffron, now a division of Intel.

Analysing thousands of factors allows the matching of broad patterns of customer behavior to those of individual members.

The AI has so far helped USAA improve its guess rate from 50% to 88%, increasingly knowing how users will next contact and for what products.

A graphic from the Saffron website.”

That’s quite an impressive one.

But there’s more. Most omnichannel platforms allow you to engage with your customers in real-time via chats, video and of course, through a co-browsing experience.

4) Engage with the customer in real-time

Customers’ demands are increasing by the day, and marketers are making efforts to meet them. Customers want their needs to be met now.

If u fail to deliver real-time answers to their questions, you’re indirectly telling potential customers to leave.

Real-time customer engagement boosts marketing strategy as well as customer satisfaction. Customer Engagement is the interaction to know how they feel and what actually they want. By providing real-time solutions to customers, they get attached to the brand and gets actively involved with the company’s products or services.

Customer engagement is an important factor in achieving business goals.  The main priority of any company should be to give best customer services and as a result, this will grow your relationship with the customers.

There are few handy tools out there that help you with integrate both live chat and chatbots on your website — acquire is one of them.

With acquire’s chatbot solutions, you can delight your customers. People love exploring it. A study by Business Insider revealed that about 44% of U.S. consumers prefer chatbots over humans for customer communication.

Whitepaper- The Rise of Chatbot in Customer Service

With a new Chatbot, you can easily integrate into your website, you can easily excite your customers and prepare their minds to buy before leading them to your product’s page. Chatbots helps in solving customer queries and this will deliver a positive image of your brand.

Video calling is a powerful engagement tool that brands can use to communicate with their customers. Make no mistakes about it; customers want to be able to share their challenges with a video — so that the customer support can solve their problems better.

In co-browsing, a business’ customer service agent can share a customer’s browser and help them solve their problems.

It’s a short form for collaborative browsing. For example, if the customer is having a hard time navigation a website section or completing an order, the customer agent can step to assist the customer — by sharing browser with the customer.

Co-browsing is like screen share but it’s a bit different in that it only allows your customer to share only their browser with you.

In the chat section, you can command great visual engagement — you can have a video call with your customer and of course, you’ll be able to also use the text feature to communicate with them as well.

5) Improves customer service

Customer expectations are increasing day by day as new and innovative solutions available in the market. Focusing on customer needs is all about getting customer data and feedbacks, insights and turning them into actions. Your processes, strategy, technology all should be aligned properly to meet the company’s goal and to fulfill customer expectations.

Collect a large amount of data and learn more about your audience through omnichannel marketing.  Insights will help you to identify the customer’s behavior and how customers respond to email promotions. As a result, this will help to generate more leads. In this digital era, if your brand is present across all channels this will boost your credibility and you will be able to connect to your customers easily and will be able to improve customer services with this omnichannel marketing strategy.

Research shows that 90% customers expect their experience with the brand should be consistent across all platforms. Omnichannel marketing gives opportunities to customers to buy online as well as offline. Customer empowerment is the key to great retention rates. By focusing on retaining more number of customers helps in building customer relationships and ultimately this will create an emotional connection between customers and company.


The need for omnichannel customer engagement in modern marketing can’t be overemphasized.

Every forward-thinking brand will definitely want to embrace this marketing strategy as it can lead to customer satisfaction, generate more conversions, and increase business’ revenue.

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