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5 Ways to Use Live Chat for Lead Generation and Conversion

February 27, 2017
12:00 am

One of the biggest challenges in online business is to generate leads and convert them to customers. Even when sites have high traffic, companies may struggle with turning those visitors to actual opportunities. If you’re in this boat, too, and you’re looking for a solution, why not try live chat for leads conversion and generation?Live chat is a great option to boost the lead generation process. Apart from enhancing customer engagement, it is also the fastest, simplest (and often cheapest) way to reach out to prospects and start a direct conversation with them in real-time. Consider, for example, these statistics:

  • According to Vtldesign, 91 percent of users invited to have a live chat with sales reps liked the experience as it helped them in their product purchasing decision.
  • 38 percent of online users said that they made their purchase because of that live chat session.

Here’s how to improve the lead generation process using live chat:

1. Provide real time assistance to customers

Lead generation can happen at the early stages of engagement with a customer via excellent customer service. For example, if you offer a free trial or you have lower-priced packages of your service, you want these customers to convert to a higher pricing plan. So, a good way to engage them is by solving their issues or proactively communicating with them via live chat which shortens response time to customer questions.Acquire’s platform helps you monitor which customer is on which page of your company website, so you can proactively initiate a discussion with them. Also, with video chat, and cobrowsing, you can develop trust among customers to enhance their customer experience and satisfaction.

live chat for leads generation with smart suggestions by Acquire

Screenshot of Acquire’s live chat tool

2. Create a great mobile service

Time is always of the essence. Prospects may not have time to sit in front of a computer screen to do thorough research on products or services. So, instead of them having to go through multiple pages on the small mobile screen or send emails to ask about your products via mobile apps, they can use a live chat function on your site to instantly get information they need. And then, you can use live chat for leads generation.Luckily, technology that offers high-quality mobile chat apps is available. Make sure you pay attention to the responsiveness of the app, its design and ease-of-use, as well as its compatibility with various mobile devices like android, iPhone and iPad.

3. Personalize the digital customer experience

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close, in fact, that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” – Steve JobsPeople usually don’t like being sold to aggressively. They want to feel like a business understands their needs before it starts pushing their products and services on them. This is a way to use live chat for leads: to gather instant and easy information on what each unique customer wants to get out of your service. Here’s an example of this live chat process: imagine a visitor is lingering on a specific product feature page on your site. With live chat, you can instantly send them a message to ask them if they’d like more information about this feature and learn more about what they’re thinking.Then, that information could be passed on to sales reps if the sales reps themselves weren’t the ones to have first contact with the prospect. The information can now be used to create personalized presentations of services via email marketing or direct calls (according to research by Google, 61 percent of mobile users consider calling a business an important step in the purchase phase of the shopping process, so being able to offer personalized services at that critical moment will give you a competitive advantage).

4. Analyze data to understand customers

If you’re wondering how to develop leads, you’re basically wondering how to influence people’s behavior. So, you must first understand what that behavior is and then design more personalized services. This can translate into actual business since leads are more likely to become customers eventually. This will boost your lead generation process.Live chat software can often help you with this. For example, you can get your hands on detailed report analytics via a visitor monitoring feature. Here are examples of information you could acquire:

  • Where in the world your visitors are located
  • Which web pages your visitors are browsing
  • How many times your visitors have visited your website
  • How long your visitors have spent time on a particular webpage

By analyzing this live chat data, companies can get a better understanding of their customers, which means better marketing campaigns to generate leads and boosts sales.

5. Source qualified leads

A lot of the lead generation process has to rely on people reaching out to your business. For example, if a prospect is navigating your site, you will often wait for them to click on a call to action or contact your sales department in order to speak to them. But what if you could get that lead qualified faster?That’s where live chat can help you. Imagine that a prospect is looking at your pricing page. With live chat, you can have a chatbot ask the prospect whether they’d like more information or they’re just browsing. Or, an agent can proactively reach out.

Try live chat for leads generation

Live chat is an extremely useful tool for the lead generation process. If you’d like to see how it can help your business, connect with Acquire to learn how you can generate leads and provide excellent customer service via a single platform.


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