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5 Reasons Why Every Employee Need Customer Service

Laduram Vishnoi
5 min read
5 Reasons Why Every Employee Need Customer Service

What is the bridge between a company and, its customers? What troubles the customers to ask for help in the company? The answers for the both are same - customer’s questions regarding the products or services of that firm.

You need to respond your customers before they complain, right? You need a thorough understanding of the products and, services to reply customers, because customers are the reasons which define a business.

The best bait?

Ok. You have trained your customer service reps with an elaborated product details, and you think that you are done. Right? No, you haven't got it yet.

Isn’t it necessary for every employee to have at least a core basic concept about how to serve people? No matter what is your job in the firm, you are there to serve them directly or, indirectly. That’s why everyone needs to understand people’s demand.

Let’s have a look what you need as an employee to serve your people or customers.

1. Customer service means better product understanding

Products are for customers and, who serve them, need a detailed knowledge of the products to answer their queries.

Maybe some of the employees are not directly involved with product related issues and, also not in customer service department but what they do; affect the products in any way.

So, instead of training only front-liners who talk with people, arrange product training for everyone in the team and, make your firm to be a customer service organization, which will pay you off to win the competition.

Instead of boring learning sessions, you can train your people by treating them as customers. Arrange trial versions for the employees and, for substantial products, offer pricing for the employees are good to go. It’s worth of knowing problems faced by the employees while using the products to launch an upgraded version for the clients.

Don’t take my words. Let’s have an example. Companies emphasizing on onboarding processes and, illustrated product understanding through everyone are mounting at the top like Google.

Customer service better product understanding

UrbanBound says that a standard onboarding process results to 54% more productivity from a new hire. Another example is Zappos; they have transformed onboarding approach due to the major impact on the firms’ employer brand image and got huge success.

2.  Customer service means communicating ability with proper tools

As I said before, a business stands for solving the problems of the customers, serving them by any means. But, you can’t expect to know every issue without communicating with your clients.

The best way to empathize your visitors is direct communication. Making them feel special by providing time individually to hear them out is what builds their trust in you. Econsultancy has shown that 73% customers prefer live chat while email and, phone get only 61% and, 44% customer satisfaction respectively.

Proper communicating tool like live chat gives you the opportunity to call your visitors through phone or chat with them on the same page they are on the website. No other means gives you more detail description of the problems they face except themselves.

Again, make sure that you can arrange video conference to connect employees from concerning department while conversing. This is where every employee needed to be prepared to phone the people if needed.


Same reason holds to have screen sharing and, co-browsing tools so that any employee from the respective departments can fix issues of the visitors in the same webpage when teaching doesn’t work for them. And, you need an automated CRM system since you need to track customer details also analysing recent history on this issue.

You can use systems like Acquire, so that you don’t need to make your customers download other software occupying a large space in their machine and, waste time too, which irritate them a lot.

3. Customer service means predicting user's demands

At times, people require the other thing, but they express something else. A proper understanding of customer service means to realize what they are asking for.

Your visitors don’t have the whole picture but some fragmented parts of it, so they are unable to illustrate some factors. But every employee in a company attentive to train each one about product details can catch the idea from conversations with clients about the exact need they are searching for.

Improper demand prediction leads to distrust and, dissatisfaction within customers. The Huffington Post research shows that 91% of unhappy customers who don’t complain but, leave you simply.

4. Customer service means critical thinking ability at the right time

Sometimes you may be surprised by your clients’ demands, issues they face and, need. So be prepared for that and, make sure to prepare everyone likely that way.

You can’t expect to understand every issue before your audience put you into. But, it’s not the problem; instead, it’s the life juice of the company. Because, problems and, new problems are what feed the business. How large customer community you have, the problem counting ratio matches with it. Here is the need for a real skill of critical thinking which can cheer up the customer experience.

why improve customer experience

(Image Source)

Everyone in the company must welcome any issue as problem-solving challenges. It can maintain an enjoying work culture and, boost up the expertise.

5.  Customer service=positive language=positive attitude:

The truth is not always sugar-coated, but rather harsh. Again, honesty is the best skill to maintain with your audience to remain on the top of their trust list. But, is that really necessary to express a direct negative opinion to stay honest?

Actually, it’s not. There is always some positive side in every problem. Every employee needs to have an eye for it and, express likely so to your visitors by coating the truth with possible hope. As if, you may not have a solution for someone’s problem at an instance, but you can deliver some hope to fix it within an exact time frame shortly or so.

Negative customer experience can harm your company’s sales. According to VPI Corp, 89% of customers will start dealing with a competitor after having a negative service experience.

In the end, it is admissible that customers are the only pilot in your way to fly high.

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