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Automatically Translate More Than 100 Languages with Acquire Live Chat

January 22, 2020
12:00 am

Word choice has the power to make or break customer relationships. But when you’re supporting global customers who speak multiple languages, it can be logistically tricky to find the right words. After all, your team might not speak your customers' language.

Now there’s a way to offer multilingual customer service online, without being bilingual. 

Acquire Live Chat makes it easy to communicate in the same language as your customers and online visitors.

It’s automatic, it's easy to use, and it works in real time.  

How Acquire Live Chat auto-translation works

With Acquire, you can automatically detect and translate your customer’s language and converse in the language they understand — right from your Acquire Dashboard. 

Acquire translates any language supported by Google Translate. That’s a long list!  

A better customer experience 

Translating different languages within the Acquire Live Chat widget is seamless — so seamless that your customers won’t even know they’re chatting with a non-native speaker. 

Let’s say your team’s native language is English, and they receive a chat from a customer in Spanish. 

Here’s how Acquire works to keep you both speaking the same language:

1. Your team member receives a message from your customer in Spanish.

Offer Multilingual Customer Support with Acquire Live Chat

2.  Your team member accepts their chat, clicks the auto-translate icon, and a language field will appear on the top of the chat conversation. The language field will automatically populate the language your customer is using.

Acquire Live Chat with language translation

3. Once your team members clicks “Translate,” the language will be translated into English. 

Acquire Live Chat Translator

4. Your team responds in their native language. 

Live Chat Agent responds in native language
Live Chat Agent responds in native language

5. Your employee’s responses are automatically translated into your customer’s language.  

Live chat responses are automatically translated into your customer's language

Why offer multilingual customer support?

You might be wondering: what’s in it for me to offer multilingual customer support on my website? 

A lot, actually.

When you offer customer service in the language of your customer’s choice, you improve their customer experience

According to an ICMI/Lionbridge study, 79% of contact centers have customers who aren’t native speakers of the primary language(s) that they serve, and 60% of those customers expect service in their native language. The study also noted that quality scores increase when customers receive support in their language.

Not convinced yet? Here are more benefits to consider:

  • Speed up customer service. Instead of searching for a person on your team who speaks your customer’s language on live chat, Acquire makes it quick and easy to address multilingual questions, no matter which languages your team speaks.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. It’s impressive when you can chat with your customers in their language. Customers will remember this, and they’ll be more likely to stay with your company in the long-run, and view your business as customer-centric
  • Boost your global business. With more than 100 languages at your fingertips, now you can support any questions you might get from prospects or customers who are about to purchase something from you but might need a few questions answered beforehand. 

More than 100+ languages at your fingertips

Chatting with your customers in their language will help you put them at ease, build your global reputation, and boost your customer experience.

Want to see Acquire’s multilingual live chat in action? Schedule a demo to learn more.


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