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Deliver fast, smart, personalized support at scale

Provide support across the customer journey with Acquire's intuitive chat platform, screen-sharing, and customer profile functions.



Deliver faster, smarter & personalized support at scale




Live Chat


Speak to customers in real-time, boosting satisfaction and retention.



Customer Profiles

Customer Profiles

Offer world-class support, keeping in touch with customers as needed.



Chat Bot and Knowledge Base

Bot and Knowledge Base

Using AI, chatbots know when to answer customer questions and when to field them to humans.



Empower customers with real-time solutions

Acquire Cobrowse makes customer support easy by enabling real-time interaction with customer screens.

Providing customers with Real-time solutions


Customer journey & Onboarding 

Customer Onboarding and Journey

Make onboarding simple by guiding customers through your product features.



Help customers fill out and save form entries, eliminating errors.



Boost conversions by guiding customers through product and shipping selections.

live chat customer messaging



Spark conversations with customers

Customers have high expectations of your business. Quickly respond to customer questions with Acquire's Live Chat, available on web and mobile.



Streamlined Efficiency

View customer interactions across all channels on one dashboard.

Seamless Collaboration

Allow multiple team members to join real-time conversations and help customers.

Know Who You're Talking To

Personalize your approach using behavioral insight and customer information.

Track Conversations

Access all previous customer inquiries to track trends and increase productivity

Revamp your customer support with Acquire

Self-service is easy for customers with our Support Bot and Knowledge Base

Acquire's Support bot connects to your Knowledge Base, providing customers with quick and consistent answers to their questions.


1 Automate FAQs

Acquire bots are always learning, answering common questions, suggesting articles, and getting feedback to save you valuable time.


2 Capture Customer Data

Support bots collect customer details so you can always get back in touch.


3 Route Complex Questions

Support bots interpret complex questions, fielding them to an appropriate agent.




chatbot conversation


Streamline your messaging with customer profiles

View, manage, and reach out to customers from one place using Acquire's Profile Management.

Customer Support with Customer Profile
1 Collaborate for Success

Set yourself up for success by combining the knowledge of multiple team members to quickly resolve customer issues.


2 Organize Your Outreach

Respond to customer support requests with emails right out of Acquire, keeping a record of outreach as you go.


3 Keep Track of the Journey

View team notes and customer interactions, including chats emails and calls, all on one synchronized timeline.


Gain insights from customer data

View customer support and business performance to highlight success and identify where to improve.



Data to improve your Customer Service




Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Get actionable feedback from every live chat for a better idea of what makes your customers tick.

Agent Performance

View performance metrics for each agent to maximize productivity.

Live Monitoring

Monitor your team's performance to ensure customers get the high-quality support they deserve.

Learn from Customers

See how many customers needed support and what exactly they got stuck on.



Looking to integrate? We're built to fit your workflow.

Your favourite business tools work best hand-in-hand. Connect them to supercharge your data.




Create leads and send conversations to Salesforce's data bank right from Acquire.




Track, engage and convert visitors from your online store.





View and reply to Facebook messages from your team's inbox.



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