Deliver faster, smarter &
personalized support at scale

Acquire allows you to support and manage your customers
with an intuitive chat platform, co-browsing and customer profiles

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Deliver faster, smarter & personalized support at scale
Live Chat


Respond to customers quicker to boost satisfaction and retention

Customer Profiles

Customer Profiles

Offer world class support by Keeping in touch with customers who require support

Chat Bot and Knowledge Base

Bot and Knowledge Base

Bot works with your support team and uses matching learning to answer questions

Providing customers with Real-time solutions

Acquires Co-browsing makes it easier for you to support your customers on your site by giving your team the ability to see
and interact with the customers screen in real-time.

Providing customers with Real-time solutions
Customer journey & Onboarding

Customer journey & Onboarding

Navigate customers through your website with the ability to take customers through on-boarding and product features.



Help your customers fill out forms on your website, eliminating errors and making sure they are acceptable.



Increase the numbers of customers checking out and helping through product and shipping selection

live chat customer messaging

Create conversations with customers

Customers want help right away - Acquires Live Chat Chat makes it easier for your customers to start messaging you at the right time – on your website or mobile app

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Team efficiency

Place all customer support interactions, from all channels, in one dashboard

Team collaboration

Invite team members into real-time conversations to support customers

Know who you’re talking too

Invite team members into real-time conversations to support customers

Previous conversations

Allow your team to see previous conversations with customers to increase productivity

Transform your customer support with Acquire

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Customers can self-serve with our Support Bot and Knowledge base

Acquires support bot is connected to your Knowledge base working with your support team to provide consistent customer
answers to their questions instantly.

1Automate repeated questions

Support bot will intelligently answer customer questions, suggest help articles and obtain feedback.

2Capture customer details

Support bot collects customers details, making sure you can always reach back out to customers .

3Assign to the right team member

Support Bot will understand the customers questions and route the conversation to the correct agent

chatbot conversation

Fast forward your Customer Support with Customer Profiles

Acquires Profile Management allows your team to see your customer information in one place - where they can manage and reach out.

Customer Support with Customer Profile
1Collaborate together

Set up your team for success with the ability to collaborate together with customers to resolve issues faster

2Email organization

Emails customers who require support directly from the Acquire platform and keep an organized record

3Customer timeline

View all customer interactions in one synchronized timeline including chats emails, calls and team notes

Data to improve your
Customer Service

Get a visual overview of the businesses performance when it comes to support and how it can be improved.

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Data to improve your Customer Service


Gather actionable feedback after every chat and get a better idea of what makes a happier customer

Agent performance

Get insights into how each individual agent is performing to increase productivity

Live monitoring

Monitor team performance to see if customers are receiving the expected service.


Understand how many customers required support and learn why they need assistance.

Built to fit your existing Workflows

Connect your favourite business tools and bring customer context and information into chat



Create leads and send conversations to Salesforce data inside Acquire


Track, engage and convert your online store visitors.


See and reply to Facebook messages in your Team inbox,

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