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To communicate with thousands of customers who visit the Samsungs website in Spain, Samsung relies on Acquire. From creating conversations and providing a more personal experience for each customer, Acquire makes it easier for Samsung to have conversations and deliver an impactful customer experience.

Acquire has helped Samsung to engage with their online customers and help them with questions they have on products and take them through the buying cycle to drive sales of existing and newly released products.

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Due to the increasing level and complexity of functionality provided within our application and larger numbers of visitors we integrated the chat and co-browsing functionality provided by Tagove. This proved to be a popular solution with…

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Acquire came on top as the right solution to capture customers on their customer journey, creating a personal experience and making sure ROI could be calculated. Moreover Acquire could calculate how much revenue was generated from live chat and measure team performance.

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Acquires co-browsing allow DAERA agents to see the applicants web screen and take them through the process of filling out their application to make sure it complies with legislation and the information provided is correct.

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