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Welcome to the new age of digital engagement

Great customer experience isn’t about channels—it’s about making it easy for customers to reach your company from anywhere at any time. Forget about customers experiencing long hold times, repeating information, and hoping they can wrap up their inquiry before lunch is over. Conversational customer experience (CX) lets customers and agents pick up wherever they left off.

Maintain relationships, not contact records

People expect consistency and continuity when they interact with companies. Keep the conversation going while they browse, buy, and come back for more. Acquire stores conversation and activity in context with customer profiles so agents have the right information at their fingertips, every time.

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Frictionless moments

We video chat with our friends and family—now you can video chat your way to speedy customer resolutions. With the click of a button, the same agent can switch a customer conversation from text-based chat, to audio or video calls, and even collaborate on-screen through cobrowsing.

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Measure what truly matters

Customers don’t care about cost savings and operational efficiency—but you do. Get a customer experience platform that puts conversations in the driver’s seat while still allowing you to optimize operations efficiency and effectiveness.

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Ready for the future

Customer engagement and expectations evolve all the time. Skip bolting-on tools every time something new hits the scene. Instead, use customer experience tools designed for the next wave of CX. Easily add channels, adapt workflows, and automate simple answers to improve customer experiences.

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Key Benefits

One timeline, every interaction

See every customer’s history from conversations to order activity, knowledge base visits, and more. No more clicking away for context.

Automate with ease

Put customers in touch with the right people (or bots) at the right time and save time for everyone with business rules, intelligent routing, and triggers.

Measure & manage

Maintain conversational service levels with analytics and custom reporting built for your business. Get satisfaction scores, interaction heatmaps, chatbot wins, and more

Bots that rock

Easy to build and deploy chatbots will help you deflect repetitive questions and capture customer details with ease. The possibilities are endless.

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