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How to Use Acquire to Offer First-Rate Customer Service on Facebook

February 19, 2020
12:00 am

With a staggering near one-third of the world’s population on Facebook, the popular social media platform is an excellent venue for companies to engage with fans and customers.Now there’s a way to streamline all your customer service on Facebook without customers ever needing to leave Facebook — and without your support agents ever having to log into Facebook.No matter the user, and no matter their plan, with the Acquire and Facebook integration your support team can use Acquire to chat with customers directly within Facebook Messenger.

How it works

When users send you messages through your company page, Acquire gives you the ability to create new customers and conversations straight out of Facebook.The big advantage of this? No more toggling between multiple customer support tools. Your agents don’t ever need to leave the Acquire dashboard. And setting up this integration takes minutes.

Easily accessible support

1. Install Facebook from the Acquire App Store.

Install facebook from Acquire app store

2. Login to Facebook and you’ll be redirected to the app store. A list of Facebook pages you can use will be provided. Choose the one you want, click on subscribe and you’re all set.

Connect facebook page with Acquire

A satisfying user experience

When customers chat through your company page on Facebook, and your team picks up the conversation in the Acquire dashboard, your customers won’t notice anything different. Your customers stay in Facebook, while your team manages their chat through Acquire.Here’s what unfolds:

1. A customer starts a chat by clicking on the ‘Send Message’ button.

Click on send message button to start conversation

2. The customer types in their message.

Customer starts a conversation in facebook messenger

3. Acquire will notify you when a message is received via the Acquire dashboard, allowing your support team to pick up on it and follow up right away.

Customer support team will get notification in Acquire dashboard

4. Your support team can respond back to the customer within the Acquire dashboard while the customers will receive the replies back through Facebook Messenger.

Support team replies back to customers within Acquire dashboard and customer receives it through facebook messenger

5. All direct Facebook messages are manageable from within the Acquire dashboard.

Manage all customer conversation within Acquire dashboard

Why offer customer service on Facebook through Acquire?

Managing customer information from one centralized platform helps the whole support process run much more smoothly. Think about how much time is wasted by brands that are forced to constantly switch between different systems. It’s a huge source of inefficiency.There are no shortage of reasons to get your integration set up.

  • With all the customer information available in one interface, all that toing and froing becomes a thing of the past.
  • Your support team can pick up on conversations with users right where they left off thanks to data from historical conversations available at their fingertips.
  • Customers can get support on the go with mobile functionality.
  • Extending support into social media creates a platform for the shorter, more personal responses that users prefer.

Integrating Acquire with Facebook provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand and build stronger relationships with your customers.

Extend your support

With such an enormous user base at your disposal, offering customer service on Facebook and improving the way customers interact with your brand is an absolute no-brainer.Does your company have a Facebook account? If so, learn more about how to integrate it with Acquire to supercharge your customer support today.


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