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Why are Marketers Focusing on Personalization to Win the Market?

Laduram Vishnoi
5 min read
Why are Marketers Focusing on Personalization to Win the Market?

"Personalized marketing, or one-to-one marketing, individual marketing is a marketing strategy by which companies leverage data analysis and digital technology to deliver individualized messages and product offerings to current or prospective customers.” - Wikipedia

Recently, personalization marketing has been in the most fashion as it has got its own positive points. So, let’s all discuss all the detailed and structured pieces of evidence about personalization.

To carry out personalized marketing successfully, the company should obtain all the information about the customers. The collected data is then analyzed to provide recommendations about the products or current offers to the individuals based on their interests, past behavior, and other data. Thus this strategy involves the consumer’s products which they already liked, and also things related to them which they might like in the future.

So what would be the next part? Admittedly, it’s the communication.

To implement personalization, marketers need personalized marketing tools to interact with the consumers. Marketers should make sure that their current marketing strategy is able to handle the data in order to carry out a successful marketing campaign. The right technology can automate the tedious process or analyze huge datasets.

Every business is trying to integrate the essence of ‘personal touch’ while communicating with their customers and live communication tools are here to redefine the same in real time. We at Acquire offers live communication tools like live chat, co-browsing to streamline the customer service process and to meet customer needs.

Further, we have seen live communication tools has the potential to bend things for your business growth. If we can personalize, it can give the maximum outcome.

Live Video chat: Communicate in a smarter way

You all must be aware of the pop-up windows containing videos that may request for your friendly services in exchange for a one-off coupon. Timing and action based triggers are of absolute importance when it comes to live video chats to interact with a customer to meet their needs. The pop up live video targets shoppers with the sole purpose of retrieving their emails addresses for shopping cart recovery and email marketing.


CRM: Build and nurture your customers

CRM (customer relationship management) tools are the most efficient ways to deliver the ‘personal care’ feel to your customers. CRM tools are the bottom-line requirements for the smaller businesses and the large sales organizations. These tools do the most of the heavy lifting for your customer care reps.

Upload contacts to its database, configure them manually and send emails to those prospects regularly between predefined schedules to help them understand your service better. Encourage them to subscribe to your service or respond to that message. Thus, it saves a lot of time, allowing businesses to personalize mass messages.

Kickbox- Email verification

Kickbox is an email verification tool which lets a user upload his/her email addresses that may be at their disposal to verify if the provided email addresses are genuine or not. This saves an enormous amount of time and money for all those busy marketers when managing over thousands of mails. Also, the delivery of emails is fully guaranteed making it an ideal solution.

Quickmail – personalizing cold emails for generating leads

Quickmail is a simpler and more affordable way to send personalizes cold emails. It lets the users to open rates, reply them, and schedule their emails and many more. Also, it lets users to track clicks on links and integrate with other services.

Rebrandly – personalizing the links you share on social media

Rebrandly URL Shortener is a great tool to use for the links that are created and shared online. By using branded links instead of generic ones, users have the ability to personalize every link they share and turn them into a promotion for their brand. Branded links can also increase click-through rates by up to 39%. 

So, what are the benefits?

Personalization increases conversions:

Econsultancy says that, “Co-operative Travel has seen a 95% increase in visitors and a 217% increase in their revenues once they started implementing Personalization on their website”. They did nothing but declared themselves specialist of last minute holidays. They do provide some breath-taking deals and offers to their customers who are always the ‘last minute deciders’. They need custom tour planning and co-operative travel delivers the same in no time.

With Personalization Marketing Approach, there is a signification increase in conversions and sales. Further, in such scenarios, live chat features like co-browsing comes in handy as it enables you to guide your customers to find that ‘extra info’ they need in no time.

Personalization improves Customer Retention:

Econsultancy’s research showed post-purchase loyalty programs which contained Personalization marketing techniques were the reason behind encouraging the consumers in repeated purchases. What is the reason behind that? Statistically, it’s the targeted segmentation of customers. Episerver has designed their complete personalization platform based on three elemental attributes - Customer’s behavioral data, machine learning and content and product optimization based on these data processing systems.

You can enrich their experiences and behaviors by helping them as they are not equally tech savvy at the first place. Acquires’ screen sharing feature is the tailor made a tool for that. Control their screen and guide them to find what they seek.

Why is Personalization changing the phase of the market for marketers?

Around 85% of the email traffic was spam until 2014 so it is pretty common for any consumer to get bored and irritated by all the spam mails of advertisements, but what if the emails are of the same interests as of the consumer. Then, the consumers will relate themselves with those emails and share all the way to their friends and family, thus it’s important to know why and how personalization Marketing is important to the marketers:

Specified Content: All the content that is sent to the consumer is entirely specified by the likeliness of the consumer so, that the email wouldn’t be counted as a spam mail.

Dynamic Content: Do you know about Amazon’s recommendation engine? That's the best example of dynamic content. Marketers have been able to use dynamic content, which means instead of using of setting up individual selections, they are opting out for all the campaigns which would populate the web page differently depending upon the searching trends of the user.

The Sense of Identity: We are living with the ever progressive technology, where a user’s entity is calculated upon his interests and his sense of identity is selected on the basis of his interests. Thus, personalization marketing gives customers a sense of identity. A personalized message is more likely to attract a consumer’s attention and vice versa.

Lastly, smart marketers are getting indulged into predictive analysis and are using account level buying signals to be sure about what they are selling and what a consumer needs. Brands that successfully implement these technologies stand to achieve a substantial advantage. Thus, Personalization is acting as a boon for marketers in online market strategy.

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