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5 Tips for Building Trust with Live Video Support

May 4, 2023
11:19 am
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Contacting customer service should be fast, easy, and effective. Integrating live video support into your strategy can help you meet customer demands.

Live video support allows businesses to connect with their customers in real time, providing an engaging and personalized experience that many customers prefer over traditional phone, email, or in-person support. By mimicking in-person interactions, businesses can create an emotional connection that drives brand loyalty and maintains a customer-first mindset.

Starting a live video support initiative first requires selecting a platform compatible with your needs. Here are five tips for companies looking to leverage this option:

1. Choose a platform with the right features

Your live video solution should have features like scheduling, secure streaming, and quality of service (QoS) metrics.

Additionally, look for solutions with reliable infrastructure and a user-friendly design. It doesn't matter what features a platform includes if your team struggles to implement them. You want an intuitive and straightforward platform so your staff can get started without a steep learning curve.

2. Train your customer service agents

Customer service agents are the face of your business, so it's essential to train them on best practices when interacting with customers via live video. Equip your team with communication tactics that create trust and understanding.

Every agent should know the company's customer service policies and any relevant technical information.

3. Add live video support to existing customer service processes

Add live video support into existing customer service processes, such as responding to emails and texts. Doing so will streamline your workflow while providing customers with an improved experience.

With a compatible platform, the integration process will take little effort. You can continue with legacy programs with no problems.

4. Maintain a professional and customer-centric approach

When interacting with customers via live video, maintain an appropriate level of professionalism. Remind agents about the importance of maintaining effective communication and being mindful of customer feedback.

Taking customer service calls can be highly stressful because customers are often angry and frustrated. Agents must remain calm despite provocations. Having a fluid and intuitive platform can be an easy step in mitigating a customer’s frustrations by offering them customer service in an immediate, user-friendly way.

5. Choose where to route

With an omnichannel skill-based routing plan, it's necessary to route customers to the correct communication channel.

A quick, yes or no inquiry can be handled quickly enough over text, while a complex issue may require live video support. Give customers the option to select their preferred route (text or video) and automatically route them where they should go based on the type of inquiry.

Why live video support makes a difference

Live video support makes a difference for both businesses and customers. For companies, it's an effective strategy for improving customer service while making strides in loyalty and satisfaction.

Using video can even reduce your support costs. Imagine your company manufactures consumer tools. If a tool breaks or malfunctions, words and still pictures may not be able to convey the complete diagnosis. Live video support allows customers to "show" what's wrong, which can help you diagnose and fix the problem faster.

For customers, live video support offers convenience and reliability. With the option to converse in real-time, customers get an emotional connection and personalized experience they can trust.

Live video support is a powerful customer service tool. It will take your customer service strategy to the next level when used correctly.

If you’re ready to add customer-first, dynamic, and intuitive video customer service software to your repertoire, try Acquire today. We offer a demo by request for companies looking to take their customer service up a notch.