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Agent Workflows: The Connective Tissue of Customer Support

April 25, 2023
8:26 am
Workflows connecting all the different aspects of routing

Workflows are the rules, conditions, and events that route customer support requests to the right resource on your team. For example, if a customer contacts a call center, workflow logic decides what department this customer should be routed to so they can receive support from the correct agent. Here, the information a customer provides will trigger certain workflow rules that will send them to the right department based on predefined controls. 

Read on to learn more about workflows, why they matter, the challenges with a typical approach, and how customization can help.

Why Are Workflows So Important? 

Workflows aren’t just steps to complete a task. They’re the connective tissue between different aspects of a business. From when a customer first contacts you to when they find a solution, a workflow is what helps get them there. Agent workflows are the key to creating a great customer experience because they make it possible for customers to connect with the right agent to solve their problems as fast as possible. 

Back to the call center example, if a customer reaches out about a specific product, they expect assistance from a qualified agent trained on that product or issue. If a company doesn’t have a workflow in place, general agents might answer every call, and they might not have the information the customer needs. They might pass that customer to someone else with the hope that a new agent can help — but no guarantee. 

On the other hand, with accurate agent workflows in place, that customer call would be flagged and immediately directed to the right support agent through business rules preset in the workflow system. Maybe the customer has a VIP issue, so you need workflows that can not only identify, but connect the customer directly to agents trained to support VIP-level concerns.  

That’s why workflows are so key to a great customer experience: they make it easy to support customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

What Are Common Agent Workflows that Companies Use? 

In general, businesses want workflows for common customer service use cases, and most businesses rely on some type of software to help create these use case workflows. There are two pretty common workflow solutions that companies will use: 

  • A general solution. Many workflow solution providers offer general solutions with graphical representations and general blocks for use cases. These solutions provide some workflow capabilities that can be used by many companies for a few use cases. 
  • A customizable solution. Enterprise clients want a solution that meets their unique needs and is designed specifically for their company. This type of solution can be more difficult to find because it requires a provider that has the resources to create completely customizable workflow solutions for each client.  

The Challenges with Typical Workflows

That leads us to the challenges with typical workflows. A general solution does come with graphical representations that make it easily accessible by anyone at your company. But it isn’t adapted to your unique needs, and it will struggle with edge cases. Sure, the price tag will be lower, but you will always struggle with being able to scale your workflows and use cases.

To avoid these problems, you flip to the other side and choose something complex and customizable. That might provide you with the scaling ability you need, but the new solution requires too much load on development and engineering. A layperson at your company wouldn’t be able to use this solution because it’s too technical, so your engineering and development teams would have to be the ones operating the workflow solution. 

So while workflows are crucial to creating an excellent customer experience, finding a solution for your company is difficult. Many teams feel like they have to choose between scalability and ease of use. But there is a workflow solution that’s specifically designed to overcome these challenges and provide clients with a solution that’s both easy to use and absolutely scalable and customizable. 

The Acquire Solution to Workflows

That’s where Acquire comes in. Acquire enables you to mastermind your digital channels using custom blocks. You can completely customize your use cases by picking and choosing the blocks needed. The enterprise workflow system is also designed for ease of use, meaning you won’t need a full team of developers on-site to run it for you. We will provide configurations and scale expansions so you can get started improving your customer support experience immediately.

Learn more about agent workflows for a customizable solution to solve your customer support challenges.