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The CX Express: A 5-Minute Journey To Better Customer Experiences -

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Meet the speakers
Christian Elton

Amritpal Dhangal

COO & Co-founder, Acquire

Christian Elton

Norm Alegria

Director of Guest Care, The Dufresne Group

This on-demand webinar explores the current state of digital customer engagement, and where CX experts, Amrit Dhangal of Acquire, and Norm Alegria of The Dufresne Group, see it going in a post-pandemic world.

Watch the recording and learn about:
  • Brick and mortar retailers such as The Dufresne Group are going digital and the return on investment gains.
  • Major airlines and banks are getting personal from afar and how retailers can adopt their successful approaches.
  • Companies are innovating digital transformation efforts and why it's a strategy every retailer, online and brick-and-mortar, needs to prioritize.

Brought to you by Acquire and the ICX Association.