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4 Ways to Actually Exceed Customer Service Expectations

July 6, 2023
9:30 am
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4 Ways to Actually Exceed Customer Service Expectations

There's a disconnect between go-to customer service solutions and what people actually want. 81% of customers claim their last customer service interaction failed to meet their expectations.

But what if you could go beyond the status quo? What if there was a way to truly exceed your customers' expectations and create an exceptional experience?

Let’s explore how this evolution in customer support software can revolutionize how we respond to customers.

Connect With Customers How They Prefer

We’re all familiar with the most popular modes of remote customer support: telephone, live chat, and email. However, shuffling customers along these conventional routes often isn't enough to gain their approval.

Customers want to choose their preferred contact method. A shy customer may dislike video chats, while a busy one could get impatient with emails' slow pace. Meet each customer where they are with the contact option that suits them best.

Acquire provides an omnichannel customer experience. The options include:


• Phone call

• Live chat

• Video

• Email

Identify and Anticipate Customer Needs

Gone are the days of scrambling through records trying to recall information from a customer's last call. Contextual customer data eliminates this problem by providing easy access to previous chat logs, notes, and video recordings.

Business rules can help, too, by routing customers to the correct agents from the start. For example, Acquire can route messages based on data points such as device type, location, and more.

By understanding customers' needs early on, you can avoid unnecessary back-and-forths and save your team from answering repetitive questions. Nearly two-thirds of customers who experience a product or service issue report feeling 'customer rage.' 

A fast and reliable solution assuages their anger and reinforces brand loyalty.

Provide Around-The-Clock Support

Customer questions don’t stop at the end of business hours, so your customer service shouldn't either. Automated bots ensure customers always receive an answer, even after business hours. You can program the bots to respond with pre-installed or phrase-match responses that answer the most common questions.

Robust analytics can detail how customers interact with your bots and their intentions. For example, do most questions center around product setup? 

This knowledge helps you further refine your product for an even better customer experience, and customers feel heard.

Customize The Experience

Your customer service team should tailor their interactions to the needs of each customer. A personalized and humanized approach can foster a long-term, lucrative relationship.

Customer loyalty tends toward companies that make them happy. If you treat customers like numbers or names on a computer screen, the aloofness might convince them to go elsewhere. Customers feel a sense of security when their concerns receive special attention, and this connection can motivate them to stay with you for the long haul.

Acquire's dynamic profiles keep customer data within reach of every agent, giving them access to customer profiles with pre-filled information. Agents can personalize their approach by quickly looking up customer names, purchase histories, etc.

3 Companies That Are Exceeding Customer Expectations

Acquire's customer service software is helping companies achieve new heights in customer service. Here's a close look at three businesses that have gone above and beyond with Acquire:


HLC is a North American bicycle distributor. In 2018, the company partnered with Acquire and revitalized its web presence.

HLC used Acquire's live chat feature to solve technical issues and provide more effective support. The company implanted a client-facing chatbox accessible to customers with HLC accounts.

The company has close to a 100% response rate for live chat inquiries and has gained broad visibility into product and operational concerns. Chat-tagging, for example, is when customer service agents "tag" conversations with labels like warranty, product, etc. Frequent tags indicate a persistent problem in that category.

The Dufresne Group

The Dufresne Group is one of Canada’s premier home furnishing retailers. They first turned to Acquire for help with furniture inspections and eventually began to use the platform to improve sales.

The team's original furniture repair strategy required two visits to the customer's home. One to assess the damage and one to fix it. 

Acquire's video chat feature allows technicians to assess the damage via a live video stream. The Dufresne Group saved time and money while reducing the speed of customer service resolution from ten days to five. 

The Dufresne Group next implemented Acquire’s chatbot features to guide customers through products online, increasing digital sales by 100%.


Elevate is a credit provider for the middle class. Their most popular product, Rise, is a personal loan with flexible terms.

Rise customers are often stressed out and agitated when they contact customer service. They don't have time for an agent to spend minutes just trying to catch up on their case. They need answers promptly, and that's where Acquire came to help.

Before Acquire, there was no way to tell how intensive a call would be unless the customer had already gone through the application process. Elevate's agents frequently spent time routing calls to the right agent before they could begin helping customers.

Elevate now has live chat features on the Rise website. Customers stuck on their applications can be quickly guided, while live chats let customers ask quick questions on the spot. The increased efficiency allows agents to handle more than one conversation at a time.

Analytics means Elevate can determine at what point in their applications customers reach out and how many abandon the application altogether.

The companies are not alone. Many companies have transformed the customer experience through Acquire.

Stay In-The-Know About Customer Service With Acquire

The first step toward exceeding your customers' expectations is to give them a voice. With Acquire's omnichannel customer service software, you can create an environment where customers feel seen, heard, and appreciated.

You can keep customers happy by connecting with customers on their terms, anticipating their needs, and providing customized support. Acquire has the tools and expertise you need.

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