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Across industries, the direct-to-consumer model is turning how buyers think about shopping on its head—and traditional retailers have no choice but to change their models to stay competitive. For example, the car buying process remained largely unchanged for years. Then, inspired by the convenience demands of today's buyers, newcomers started springing up and doing things a little differently: car vending machines, fully digital shopping experiences, and even home delivery.

Amrit Dhangal, CEO and co-founder of Acquire, & Jamie Kent, Program Director from Shift Digital share how companies are moving quickly to implement digital shopping experiences and stay competitive with today's buyers.

Meet the speakers

Amritpal Dhangal

CEO & Co-founder, Acquire

Jamie Kent

Program Director Shift Digital

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn about:
  • How the shift to digital experiences became a must-have
  • Why chat alone won’t meet consumer expectations
  • Automation tools to free up resources to deal with the customer queries that really matter
  • Ways to replicate a direct-to-consumer model as a traditional retailer