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If you want to keep up with the next wave of digital transformation, you need the right technology on your side. In this session, Amrit Dhangal, CEO & Co-Founder of Acquire, will help you cut through the confusion and identify which tools you need in your CX tech arsenal to improve your customer journey with more personalized, dynamic experiences.

Meet the speakers
Acquire's coo & cofounder amritpal dhangal

Amrit Dhangal

CEO & Co-founder, Acquire

This session from the Customer Experience Digital Transformation Summit discusses how to:
  • Upgrade your CX tech stack to enrich your customer journey, drive profits, and boost brand loyalty
  • Unify customer communication across all channels and eliminate information silos
  • Collect and analyze valuable insights from customer data to anticipate behavior in real-time
  • Use tools like cobrowse, live chat, and video to create more personalized, collaborative customer interactions