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According to Forrester, digital interactions will grow another 40% this year. But simply responding doesn't cut it. Retailers who rise with customer expectations are tackling one challenge head-on: digital innovation. Leaders in digital customer experience have moved way beyond easy returns and discount codes. Instead, they're offering custom consultations for clothing and makeup online, meeting customers everywhere without hassle, and creating high-end experiences without the high price tags.

Sharing their expertise, Amrit Dhangal, Co-Founder and CEO at Acquire, and Derrick Boatwright, Director of eCommerce & Digital Strategy from HLC, bring decades of experience in customer service excellence. During this webinar, they offer unique perspectives about integrated digital and in-person customer experiences, plus the emerging trends they are seeing in their professional and personal lives.

Meet the speakers

Amrit Dhangal

CEO & Co-founder, Acquire

Derrick Boatwright

Director of eCommerce and Digital Strategy HLC

In this session, you’ll learn about:
  • Adapting to rising consumer expectations
  • Ways to take on Goliath without going broke
  • How HLC is using innovation as a differentiator