How to Generate Revenue from Your Existing Visitors

Laduram Vishnoi
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How to Generate Revenue from Your Existing Visitors

Are you using every possible thing to keep your existing customers happy?

Are you able to convert your site visitors into a happy customer?

Do you want to find out how to drive more revenue from existing visitors through your website itself?

This post will give you 4 surefire ways to generate more revenue from your existing visitors.

Why Focus On Generating Revenue?

You may have good ranking in Google, your website traffic numbers are pretty good, but is that all enough?  No.

Until and unless you don’t generate revenue from your website, it’s probably of no use. Securing a good position in the search engine ranking page, and generating revenue two are completely different things.

Undoubtedly, good ranking and website traffic in today’s tough competition is a must. But what’s more important is to convert those website visitors into leads and ultimately into a happy customer.

1. Integrate Live Chat

Have you ever considered adding a live chat option to your site? Depending on the type of business, a live chat service can actually do much more than just offering a quick and painless customer service. When employed in the right situation, it can boost conversions on your site, the number of returning website visitors and eventually, revenue.

One of the best things about live chat is just how much assistance customers look to get from it, with almost 73 percent customer satisfaction hailing from the live chat.

In fact, according to a source, almost 62% of online shoppers agreed that they would have purchased more items from an online store if live customer support had been available during their shopping. And approx. 38% said they had bought a product because of the chat sessions they had used. The facility to chat with one of your company’s reps in real-time and that too instantly will help retain customers and build a more user-friendly, engaging website with good revenue generation.

Online users like and prefer live chat for many reasons, and time and quick response is a key factor.

Why business preferred live chat

Source: Econsultancy

No matter whether a shopper has doubt about the durability of a product, or is stuck in between, live chat software like Acquire offers a myriad of features including audio chat, co-browsing, video chat and others to help site visitors in every possible way. This helps eliminate bounces away from eCommerce websites and make sure that full shopping carts make it through check out. Additionally, it helps brands by making visitors act on ‘Call-to-action’ button without being pushy.

2. Try Remarketing (Google Adwords)

Have you browsed a product on Amazon lately? Have you noticed when you go to other websites, like Facebook, that product seems to follow you?

This is known as ‘remarketing’. It’s an advertisement structure that businesses are using to target ads towards visitors back to their website.

Remarketing (Google Adwords)

The great thing about this advertising method is that it can be used by businesses of any size and niche. The more your website visitor is reminded of the product they have recently browsed, the more probable they’re to return to purchase it. Retargeting if done correctly, it can give the highest Return of Investments.

Also, note that remarketing is not only limited to Facebook. You can also tap into all of the websites showing Google ads by making the most of remarketing on Google AdWords.

Re-marketing Google Adwords

How to do Remarketing with Google AdWords?

Standard remarketing: Displaying ads to your recent visitors when they browse/use Display Network apps and websites.

Dynamic remarketing: It’s a great way to boost your results, which takes remarketing to the next level with ads that consist of products or services that users have viewed on your site.

Video remarketing: Displaying ads to online users who’ve interacted with your YouTube channel or videos.

Email-list remarketing: Upload a list of email addresses given by your customers with customer match. When those people are signed in to Gmail, Google Search, or YouTube, you can display them ads.

Remarketing for mobile apps: Display ads to online shoppers who have recently used your mobile-friendly website or mobile apps when they browse any other mobile websites or use mobile apps.

Remarketing lists for search ads: Display ads to your past website visitors as they do follow-up searches for what they are looking for on Google, once leaving your website.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools or a piece of software that can be used for increasing the conversion rates.

google analytics

With a thorough and detailed look at the data, you can make out why visitors are not buying from you and where you have to focus your attention in order to improve your results.

Numbers of companies depend on the macro traffic volume as a sign of the website’s overall success. However, smart and savvy companies are realizing that more traffic doesn’t mean more conversion, revenue, or success. The traffic of each website comprises of different traffic sources.

Properly understanding the actual sources of your site’s traffic and the effect this traffic is having on your conversion rate and revenue are very crucial. It’s the quality that matters and not the quantity of traffic

Here are 4 easy steps to assist you making use of your analytics to understand your traffic source and why it matters:

  • Recognize traffic sources
  • Prioritize based on revenue contribution
  • Address issues
  • Set a regular review date.

Create a method to properly analyze your website’s traffic and their conversion rates. By focusing on the highest traffic sources, you can effectively optimize conversion rates and boost your revenue. Remember not all traffic is equal!

By digging deeper into the Analytics, you can:

  • Identify what’s not working
  • Prioritize tests and improvements
  • Boost traffic from your highest converting sources
  • Increase traffic to products that is selling better

Using Google Analytics, you can properly understand which phase of your sales funnel is making your conversions to breakthrough, and it will eventually help you recognize where you should focus your attention.

4. Give Reason to Visit Again— Show them Proof!

Whatever you claim about your business, you have to back it up with proof. People are incredulous and they look for the evidence.

So what type of proof can you offer to your customers and prospects?

Customer’s testimonials- Customers who used your products and services are the best way to verify all your claims.

Case studies-Case studies are the best way to show how you helped your client.

Social proof- If you’ve hundreds of customers, show it. It is a human tendency to believe and use what other people are saying or using.

Show it- Nothing works like a great demo to show what your product does, its features, working and more. Use videos to showcase your product/services in action.

The Bottom Line-

Every business is either meant to be growing or failing— it’s all about to you. A single step can either make or break your business. Successful companies constantly revamp themselves by listening to their customers’ demand and feedbacks, and by modifying their sales, products, processes and strategies to fulfill a continually shifting model. Each of the above-mentioned strategies is powerful and useful revenue generators in the appropriate circumstances.

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