11 Top Considerations for Live Chat Software Solutions for Your Business

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11 Top Considerations for Live Chat Software Solutions for Your Business

Live chat is not a new term in modern business. It stepped out of its crib a long time ago. Most business owners implemented live chat software on their websites to match the ever-growing demand for providing superior customer support to their clients. Notably, tons of live chat tools are out there on the web, but it’s hard to find the right one. How do you choose the best one for you that supports your specific customer demands? Isn’t it the right time to consider the crucial facts about your customer’s expectations that you have ignored before?

This article sheds some light on these issues that are elemental in deciding the best live chat software for your business.

1.     Is it a real-time solution?

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In today’s world, where time is the real essence of everyday life, the old tools, like email and phone services, are increasing customer frustration, day by day. How?

When an anxious customer calls any company agent on their toll-free number, they must choose the right option several times. Then they get to enjoy the music while waiting for a minute or more because all the executives are found to be preoccupied. Also, the caller must try hard to explain the problem and extract the answer through the maze of background noises or network disturbances, and with a real skill for understanding different accents. Certainly, isn’t this a lot to ask from your customers? That’s why most of your customers don’t reply to your cold calls.

Email services are no better than that. Who wants to wait for a long 24 hours to get a reply when they are in a hurry?

These are the reasons people are leaning towards live chat solutions. Because it provides the answer to all these above challenges. Have a question? Click a button on your web page. Start talking. Wait time? 10-30 seconds, almost none. Written words can’t be mistaken. Or in video chats, it’s the same feeling as conversing personally. No ambiguity. People get engaged more than ever because they don’t want to buy before having complete knowledge of comparative analytics. And no need for random internet surfing. Get any file or document, even video in the same chat window, when needed. 90% of consumers prefer the guidance of a live person, and it’s increasing.

Before considering live chat implementations, research the reviews and user ratings thoroughly to find out the options your software can deliver. If it passes the user satisfaction test, then move forward for further analysis.

2. Is it proactive or not?

Before answering this question, I’ll explain it in a nutshell.

There are two of them. One is reactive, which sits waiting to be clicked by the visitors themselves. The agents behind it reply to the queries. It’s the standard inquiry department.

But the other is a lot more engaging. It’s an open invitation for everyone, along with an automated message from the chat agent. For communicative tools, it helps to connect confused and shy people and increases sales tremendously.

Find out if your live chat software opts for both buttons. A proactive chat window pops up on the web page, depending on some basic analytical rules. It appears mostly between 90-120 seconds after the entry of a viewer. The background process engages the behavior tracking of the visitors, focusing on elapsed time on site, geographic location, navigation history, current page URL, shopping cart items with total valuation, and more.

Effective live chat software with handy features integrates analyzing channels like CRM tools, visitor monitoring, custom variables, and behavioral indicators, which collect data on customer background and automates the proactive chat window with different messages and timing. Most of the time people aren’t interested and close it down. It also can be programmed to disappear after a while. Again, there are tools which offer a qualitative targeted invitation only to involve potential customers.

Its efficiency is in saving time for the agents without sacrificing any opportunities. Forrester Research has shown that Nationwide Mutual Funds reduced abandonments in their shopping cart by 30-40% after installing proactive live chat software.

3. Is it fulfilling goals?

best customer service through live chat

In 2011, customer satisfaction was at stake, with only 1% of customers feeling that their expectations were being achieved completely. But the picture has changed since then.

The magic spell is a live conversation. Now, 63% of visitors return to a website providing live chat support. Why?

Most of the visitors replied that they prefer to live chat because of its immediate response, real-time support, and personal interaction, offering proficiency in understanding their issues. Many have answered that they can multitask while chatting, which saves them time. Some were focused on the knowledge resources it offered. When an agent doesn’t have detailed knowledge of a certain product, they can connect other people with proper expertise by video conference to deliver all the information to the customer in that instant.

Sort out services which provide 24/7 availability and don’t let your customers stumble on any issues alone, even in the middle of the night. 76% of clients trust a company that values them in this way. Also, visitors always prefer well-tested advice and researched recommendations before making a purchase. Live conversation shares relevant files and documents within the chat window, which helps the clients who prefer self-service. 69% of millennials feel satisfied with a company when they can solve an issue on their own. Customers don’t expect to be delighted but prefer to obtain proper guidance whenever they ask for it.

4. Is it providing complete solutions or not?

acquire live chat

Live chat solutions can satisfy customers that we know. But thoroughness is another extra mile to walk. New technologies are enabling live assistance to fill the gap without leaving a trace.

Chat services with desktop software features allow the agents to engage customers in text chat without opening the website every time. Also, cloud-based online texts can add files/data when needed.

Live voice calls empower the chat session in every browser or platform, without spending a single buck on either end. This feature also comes with a video calling option that works in a similar manner in no time. It requires no extra software installation since it works directly with any device.

It adds additional value when combined with a screen sharing feature. Most of the customers stagger under the pressure of using technology and get puzzled in the middle of a purchase or using a service. No other channel can train them to move forward while demonstrating the right process. Live agents do this exactly by sharing the viewer’s screen temporarily and moving the mouse cursor in the right place. A co-browsing feature also helps the assistants do it more effectively by providing a clear view of the screen and the ability to assist them by sharing relevant files or documents when necessary.

5. Does it allow integration with other third party software?

The best live chat options don’t stop by only providing a few features of their own, but improve their quality by merging with multiple channels and other standard web services.

Modern live assistance integrates with lots of third-party apps, like email marketing, social media, e-commerce, CRM and CMS tools, along with useful sales tools. You can place your chat buttons directly into personalized emails you send to your clients so that they can start chat sessions right after reading them. It is similar to putting these buttons on your social media links and e-commerce services.

Sales tools can also be added to your live chat software. For example, HubSpot’s integration with chat services allows agents to send aggregate information about customers directly to Salesforce, with the addition of new leads, without leaving the chat application.

Content management system (CMS) integration enables you to maintain all your detailed information in a single system and connect them with the chat service.

Customer relationship management tools empower your chat reps to interact with the clients more efficiently based on their detailed history and sales records with the company.

6. Is it providing proper analytics or not?

Test your selection on the basis of its credibility in keeping records of the chat courses. Returning customers expect you to have records of their previous interactions so that they don’t need to waste time on recap sessions. Also, these records activate various probabilistic indicators as in customer behavior analysis, location tracker, and background analyzer, which provide a proper understanding of customer requirements.

Marketing tools and CRM software keep track of a significant amount of data relating to customer details, create automated sales histories, and manage sales planning on the basis of the analytical views.

7. Is it available or compatible with mobile devices or not?

Without smartphone compatibility, no software can leave a footprint on today’s stiff competition. Why? It’s simple. Most of the people don’t have the time to open a laptop or computer screen for their personal needs. But they can’t stop tapping on their mobile devices while multitasking throughout the day.

So be it. Reach out through their mobile screens, and you will get the attention of most of your clients, which is hard to achieve without responsive services. Make sure your live chat software can avail its services directly to mobile OS and work on any browser or devices in the same way.

8. Pricing

There are many live chat service providers with competitive pricing plans. While selecting any live chat software that suits your business requirements, pricing is an important factor that needs to consider while choosing the live chat system. Imagine if you have found the best live chat software that fulfills all your business requirements but it is too costly will you buy it.

Consider all the factors like how many chats you can have per month, will you get complete report and analytics, discounts etc. and then make the analysis that how much will you get in return for the price you are going to pay. Understand your vendor’s pricing properly to avoid any additional prices.

9. Integration

Choose the live chat software that integrates with your business process smoothly. People run their websites on different platforms like Magento, Joomla, Drupal etc. Make sure that your chosen live chat system integrates seamlessly and hassle-free with other applications.

10. Security

The Internet has changed our lives in many positive ways but it has a negative side too. There are some concerns associated with internet security. Robust chat application can avoid dangers associated with internet to some extent. Get all the details about how secure your live chat software is from your vendor before making the decision.

11. 24/7 Customer service

24/7 customer service|Acquire

Choose live chat system for your business that provides 24/7 365 days a year excellent customer support so that whenever you face some problem with the chat system you can get assistance instantly. Ensure that your live chat service provider is available through e-mails, live chat or over the call whenever you needed.

Final conclusion

Implement the best live chat software on your website which fulfills all your business requirements. Live chat software is found to be the best practice for customer experience enhancement. There is a wide range of benefits of integrating a live chat system on your website. The above checklist will surely help you to stay on the right track when choosing the best live chat software for your business.

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