Co-browsing or Screen Sharing : Which is Better for Visual Engagement

Laduram Vishnoi
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Co-browsing or Screen Sharing : Which is Better for Visual Engagement

Companies like Apple, Amazon are using visual engagement solutions to take sales, support and customer experience to a higher level. Visual engagement solutions are screen sharing, co-browsing, video chat, and many more. Companies are integrating these tools to create stronger, deeper customer relationships.

“Adding a human touch to your customer’s experience can help you distinguish your brand. Visual engagement tools, such as co-browsing and video chat can help build an emotional bond with customers.” – Venesha Brooks

Visual Engagement Solutions improves customer interactions and service. Customer service reps can help and guide customers in real-time through online processes and thus this reduces response time and boosts customer experience and engagement.

Companies are mainly using co-browsing software or screen sharing to deliver top-notch customer service and experience to the customers. Both cobrowse and screen sharing is a part of visual engagement solutions But what exactly is a cobrowse solution? And how is it different from screen sharing?

Most of the users are confused- which one is better or which one can be more useful.

So, let us take a look and understand how both technologies can be useful for your workplace and your interests.


Understanding it first

Co-browsing solutions allow the agents and customers to be on the same page. With the click of a button, customer service reps can instantly connect with the customers’ web browsers.

They can view and interact with the browsers and thus with the help of cobrowse solution they can handle complex queries and provide live, personalized guidance. Co-browsing is the best software to deliver the best customer experience in both sales and customer service situations.

The advantages:

  • As mentioned above, one of the biggest advantages of Co-browsing is that it allows the live sharing of a web browser page. Thus, all the demonstrations can be done on a real-time basis on both the screens.
  • The user can also use his or her keyboard and mouse over the other party’s browser page and pinpoint and highlight the required portions hence making it easy for the customer to understand.
  • As far as privacy is concerned, the company representative would only be able to see the browser page in question. He or she would not be able to access or see other tabs, pages or even applications—unlike Screen Share.
  • Also, most users have reported that Co-browsing is quite user friendly, and top it up a user does not have to download the application and install it to use it; thus saving time and mitigating malware threats.
  • Check more advantages here

The disadvantages

Since the technology totally depends on streaming, you’d always need strong internet connection speed at both ends. Or else it could lead to poor quality feed and streaming.

Perfect for:

Co-browsing is useful for the companies to interact with possible clients or existing customers. It is useful for:

  • Agents
  • Consultants
  • Online retailers
  • Customer relationship executives
  • Sales or technical consultants

Why should you select it?

In simple terms, Co-browsing can easily bridge the gap between one user and the other party in a simple way without compromising privacy and security.

Along with live video chatting, it is already used by many companies as a very competent troubleshooting technology.

Screen Share:

Understanding it first

By installing Screen Share, a user can access and see the entire screen of the other party. The user can easily control, make changes and use the other screen as per his or her wisdom. Both parties just have to install the 3rd party application to do so.

The user—in this case, the agent— can easily show the customer things which are outside of the browser. With the technology, users can show, share or give demos and data on their screen.

screen sharing

Screen Share allows the user and the other party to seamlessly interact with each other with their computers.


With Screen Share,

  • Users can easily solve any type of issue on the computer itself. It allows for real-time problem-solving.
  • The application also allows multiple sharing across several monitors as it allows a presenter to share his or her view across many users.
  • And, the most important feature of the Screen Share application is the ‘view’ and ‘show’ mode, as the user can shift from one to another instantly.


Since it is an application which has to be installed by all parties involved, it can lead to spamming and time wastes. But, Screen Share’s main drawback is the fact that others can control your screen and hence it can put your data at risk and compromise your security.

Also, the application, if accessed on different browsers by different people, can create issues as the ergonomics of the software can change.

And finally, the application has a limitation where only one user can share his or her screen at a given moment.

Perfect for:

The Screen Share software is useful for

  • Sales executives
  • Tech support executives
  • Other professionals

People who have to guide and walk through their customers on various topics or information can use Screen Share.

For instance, it can be used by the Sales representative to showcase their company’s warranty policy file on a PDF to their customer.

Why should you select it?

If a company deals with presenting live demos for a particular matter then the application is useful for them.

Apart from that even multiple sharing is also available if the user wants to share the screen or thought across multiple viewers.

Screen Sharing or Co-browsing - Which one to select?

Whenever you select an application for your company, you must always make sure you are doing it for the long run. Your application should have the capacity to grow along with your company.

Both the technologies have their own merits however the market might slightly be inclined towards Co-browsing as it provides a very simple user-interface. Moreover, co-browsing solutions need no installation or configuration. It runs on all browsers.

This enables quick sharing and this helps if you have multiple clients in your folds, especially for sales and customer care domains. Co-browsing along with live video chatting can become one of the best tools in your arsenal.

However, even Screen Share has its fair share of benefits, particularly its multiple screen sharing option, ‘show’ or ‘view’ mode and its ability to go outside the browser.

The selection depends on your business requirements and what you are comfortable with. More and more companies are implementing co-browsing solutions as it more secure and easy to use.


You may select from the applications as per your choice but one thing is for sure, you must not ignore using this form of technology in your company’s day to day process. Live visual engagement and sharing have become quite popular in the recent years and stats have shown that it has regularly helped companies to enhance and enrich their customer service and sales department.

These technologies can comprehensively reduce:

  • Handling times of any call and hence quicker resolution –As per Glance, a tech website, visual engagement has resulted in a 14% reduction in handling times for companies.
  • multiple calls to resolve an issue
  • future calls from customers

These technologies can also be useful;

  • For your agents and sales team
  • Real-time interaction and troubleshooting
  • Enhanced customer experience

So, integrate visual engagement solutions to give your company the chance to serve your clients in a better and in a much robust way.

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