Top 7 Reasons Why Chatbots Will Replace Your Contact Forms

Laduram Vishnoi
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Top 7 Reasons Why Chatbots Will Replace Your Contact Forms

More tech-savvy customers are avoiding the slew of contact form input fields by preferring the quicker, more accurate chatbot option. Whether contact, feedback or survey, they are an efficient alternative web form. Chatbots are also a compelling factor in achieving increased conversion rates.

How are they doing it?

1.   Chatbots take pre-emptive action, rather than waiting for things to happen.

The ability to implement pre-emptive actions is one of the most-acknowledged chatbot capabilities. Visitors are led to a site on a quest for any number of products or services, like someone walking into a store in search of something.

Chatbots are not just taking over contact form, but they are reforming whole customer service strategy. You will a lot more here in this whitepaper.

Whitepaper- The Rise of Chatbot in Customer Service

Unless a business proactively provides self-servicing options, visitors feel deprived, finding no one to receive them or acknowledge their presence. Chatbots initiate sensible conversations with arriving visitors, engaging with them using topical form fields.

chatbot start conversation

This means no more having to wait around until visitors surf through a website and locate the forms themselves.

2.   Chatbots mitigate bounce rates through conversational powers.

Web forms are based on age-old paper forms. Visitors find them annoying to complete, requiring all the patience in the world. As a result, most users quit the process before finishing. The forms are inefficient, which is obvious to all.

Chatbots create interest and minimize bounce rates by utilizing acclaimed conversational powers. They blend user input fields with affable questions based on intelligent, natural conversations.  Users no longer need to deal with text boxes and scroll-down menus. Instead, they have a guide assisting them throughout the process like you see below, they provide an option to choose - top stories, stories for you and Ask CNN.

Check this whitepaper which explains how American Express and few more company revolutionized the customer experience by adopting chatbots.

Whitepaper- The Rise of Chatbot in Customer Service

Chatbots mitigate bounce rates-min

3.   Chatbots increase conversation length to derive more information.

People avoid completing contact forms because they are excessively long. While it’s understandable that companies want to use the forms to obtain information for delivering better solutions and support; the long forms are actually causing the businesses to lose customers.

avoid completing contact forms

Sometimes this can’t be avoided because all those details are necessary; however, chatbots are efficient enough to tackle these situations. Chatbots are intelligent and will initiate engaging conversations.

In most instances, people like to continue their chatbot conversations, which results in increased conversation length. On average, they initiate 23 conversations per session. During longer chats, they obtain all required information congenially.

4.   Chatbots enhance the customer experience by providing answer buttons.

Users may want to skip certain private or irrelevant form fields, yet they usually don’t have the option to do so.  As a result, they are repeatedly sent notifications advising them to “Please fill all the required fields”, stranding them in the middle of an incomplete form. When powered by chatbots, users type their issue when they are asked for specific details. This way, they are not stuck in limbo.

Chatbots also provide predefined alternative options in the form of buttons. Buttons help to drastically simplify the conversation and ensure the answers obtained are the necessary ones.

provide option

5.   Cross-channel capabilities get things done.

Contact forms are located on a specific page. Using a traditional format, businesses need to drive users to that location. In the process, businesses lose a considerable number of users, disrupting all efforts to redirect them.

Chatbots allow businesses to go wherever the customers are to acquire the necessary information. With cross-channel capabilities, chatbots can move between different kinds of platforms and devices.

Whitepaper- The Rise of Chatbot in Customer Service

Chatbots can also be seamlessly integrated with social networking sites, messenger apps, emails, and mobile messages. Businesses no longer need to endure the pain of driving users to their website, to complete forms.

6.   Chatbots allow businesses to set goals for fostering the best leads.

Each form is designed for a specific reason, which may be anything from subscribing to a business blog to following social networks. But with respect to measurability, it’s difficult and time-consuming to infer the level of the forms’ success in achieving their purpose.

Efficient chatbot-makers, like acquire, render chatbots with the ability to set goals. Therefore, they can analyze and confirm whether a conversation has achieved its goals or not.

Chatbots can also be used to determine the most beneficial and compelling leads for your business. As a result, businesses achieve heightened conversions, allowing them to nurture specific leads, rather than wasting time with others.

7.   Chatbots obtain open to feedback.

"Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there." - Bo Jackson

Procuring feedback is the ultimate goal for any business. Only through clear and concise feedback will businesses obtain beneficial information to be used for making amenable operational changes. Unfortunately, customers feel hesitant about creating longer write-ups in feedback forms.

As a result, businesses may only obtain a fraction of the information they need in order to advise the brands. It’s not the same for chatbots, where customers experience someone listening to what they are saying. Visitors show more interest in making clearer points with extensive reasoning. Moreover, chatbots send out responsive questions, positively persuading visitors to provide clear and detailed feedback.  Replacing forms with chatbots enables businesses to obtain in-depth and specific feedback.


As more and more site visitors turn away from web form filling, it becomes obvious that able substitutes need to be utilized, the most favorable of which is the chatbot. And, as clearly substantiated above, chatbots are proving to be far more competent than contact forms.

Whitepaper- The Rise of Chatbot in Customer Service

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