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4 Reasons Businesses Choose Proactive Live Chat

Laduram Vishnoi
4 min read
4 Reasons Businesses Choose Proactive Live Chat

Businesses must overcome a deluge of challenges to stay ahead of the game. How can we lower operational cost? How can we increase conversion rate and revenue? How can we make sure our customer service is top notch?

Savvy businesses will be looking for answers to these questions. But, ultimately, everything hinges on one factor…


They are the soil from which any successful business grows.

Unprecedented technological advancements have sent customer’s expectations skyrocketing. Fast and reliable service is an absolute must.

The best way to provide it?

Live chat.

With live chat, you can easily boost customer experience.

Seamless visitor communication? Check. Proactively engage with customers to see if they need help? Check. And what’s the end result of all this? You guessed it. Excellent customer service.

In fact, studies show customers prefer live chat over any other customer service channel, and that includes email and telephone.

According to Forrester Research, investment in reactive chat gives an ROI of 15%, while an additional investment in proactive chat capabilities produces an incremental 105% ROI.

The math is simple. If you want to get ahead, invest in proactive chat tools. Put yourself in control and give your staff the chance to take the first step when helping customers.

A word of warning though. Poorly implemented proactive chat annoys visitors and can drive them away. Friendly, timely information, on the other hand, increases opportunities for generating sales.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget what you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou.

Proactive live chat increases customer satisfaction by creating a feeling of inclusion. It’s a feeling that will leave them wanting to come back. A great customer-centric chat service then is a wise investment.

Small wonder its popularity with businesses is rising.

4 Why Businesses need proactive live chat:

1)    The trigger system.


This system allows agents to easily identify repeat visitors, extracting relevant information from multiple channels such as CRM integrations, custom variables, and real-time visitor monitoring systems.

Identify repeat visitors based on:

  • Geographic location (country)
  • Time spent on a website
  • Page URL
  • First-time visitor
  • Previous chat durations
  • Current page
  • And many more…

You can even apply filters. (see image above)

As awareness grows among customers, proliferating the use of live chat becomes an easier task. With the ability to segment customers, it may even help to spot trends that prove invaluable for business insight.

2) Predicting customer queries

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” – Steve Jobs

Imagine knowing what customer will write before they send it.

With Acquire, you can do just that.

It sounds incredible, but with Acquire’s proactive live chat technology, agents can see the message as it is typed. So, if a customer types “Hi, I have a complaint about product quality” but then changes it to “I have a query about a product,” the agent sees both messages. That’s right, the agent can see the unsent version too. Now it’s possible to really gauge the customer’s mindset.

Pre-saved queries can even help agents predict what will be typed.

By knowing what is coming, an agent has the opportunity to prepare themselves in advance. This type of live chat can really give a business the edge over its competitors.

3) Easily retrieve customer details through live chat

customer details

Many customers are repeat visitors. Asking for their name, phone number, e-mail id all over again is downright annoying, for customer and business alike. With CRM integration, you can forget about all that hassle. Agents can simply save the name, phone number, e-mail id, etc. on their system.

As soon as a repeat customer visits the online chat, the name, e-mail id, and phone number populate on the agent’s screen.

Customer queries often pop-up outside working hours. Normally this would be a nightmare. What is a customer supposed to do with no-one to talk to?

No problem. With a system that provides not only details about these visitors, but the message they want to get through, agents can simply pick up on things the next day. Nice and smooth, saving time for customers and agents and adding that extra layer of personalized customer care.

Customers have a bucketload of queries, routing them to the right department is vital. Without the right agent, their needs can’t be effectively addressed.

Let’s face it, sometimes the FAQs section simply doesn’t cut it. Proactive live chat provides the in-depth answers and personal touch needed!

4) Instant information access in real-time communication

“Stop selling, start helping.” – Zig Ziglar

Real-time communication allows the instant transfer of information. It could be a telephone, instant messaging or even VoIP or Voice over IP. Many businesses use this real-time communication. It’s a must when you consider the increase in efficiency and improvement to customer experience.

Compared to e-mail, online chat helps agents quickly identify dissatisfied customers and instantly address their problem.

Live chat for your business then, will create consumer satisfaction and boost the brand image.

Easy to use, short, accurate and to the point. These are all features which define proactive chat.

Proactive chat blows reactive chat out the water.

Engaging with customers in such a personalized way improves bounce rates and reduces cart abandonment. Customer service agents can even set buzz notifications based on the customer’s situation.

Proactive live chat helps businesses

More and more companies are adopting proactive live chat capabilities, using them to increase customer satisfaction, improve brand image and help bring in those purchases.

It may incur an initial outlay, but the benefits it brings will be far-reaching.

Some companies are failing to notice that without proper technical assistance, they are being abandoned by customers unimpressed with the support they receive. This means they are losing out on sales.

Do you want to miss out too?

Be a savvy business and integrate proactive chat support onto your website. Then sit back, and watch the sales flood in.

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