7 Studies That Prove Live Chat Boosts Your Conversion Rate

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7 Studies That Prove Live Chat Boosts Your Conversion Rate

Live chat is one of the best software to offer exceptional customer service to the customers by providing fast solutions to their queries. Live chat software boosts conversion rate and increases the revenue of the company.

The conversion rate is one of the important factors to increase sales and revenue.  If you’re looking for ways or tricks to improve conversion rate, then you’ve come to right place. Many studies show that live chat contributes approx. 30% in conversion Rate.

The bottom line is: Live chat = MORE SELLING!!!!

Online shopping players are spending millions for marketing researches and studies to understand the psychology of the consumers and what they are looking for. Here are some of the marketing studies that proved that consumers love the live chat option and it helps them to make buying decisions.

1. Consumers love live chat option as it is quick and has a HUMAN touch

This is not surprising as live chat is the most preferred engagement channel today with over 92% being satisfied with it, as compared to other traditional channels like phone calls or email. But why exactly do customers love live chat?

live chat

The answer is pretty obvious. The live chat makes shopping experience much easier and friendly. No one likes waiting for a reply, and more irritating is the automated response they get. With live chat option, quick and personalized assistance can be offered.

A study by J. D. Power, one of the most trusted online channels for marketing researches, has proved that the live chat option is what people are looking for when they visit the online store. Some of the findings are interesting:

  • More than 42% preferred live chat option to solve the issues and queries during online shopping.
  • When the chat function was used by the customer, the overall satisfaction was higher.

2. They find it helpful and problem-solving

Another study conducted by ATG Global Consumer Trend Study, it was found that more than 90% customers have said that live chat was helpful for them while doing the online shopping.

While doing online shopping, there are chances that the consumer will get confused about the product and the features it offers. When a real-time solution is offered to them, it means that they are happy and make a quick decision to buy. When a customer is buying anything online, they want to connect a real man and not some automated generated emails.

When customers are heard properly and up to the point, they obviously like it and that is what happens when it comes to a live chat interaction. They will be deeply satisfied when they find the answers to their confusions and questions and it will also impact their buying decisions affirmatively.

3. It improves the conversion rate and ultimately, sales

Another study that was conducted by an and they have found that more than 60% of consumers would love to return to the website that offers a live chat option.

improve conversion rate

You can see the image offered above and see the statistics and it is clearly visible that the buying frequencies of the people who have chatted with the representatives are more likely to visit the portal again.

According to acquire, live chat is one of the best customer service options as more than 30% of consumers find live chat more informative and helpful than emails and phone calls. Also, more than 79% of consumers feel that they found quick answers that impacted in making buying decisions.

Moreover, your relationship with your consumer gets deepen when you facilitate them with a live chat feature as it is more personal and direct way to communicate. In a long run, this relationship will become loyal and trustworthy and you will be able to generate more revenues.

4. It is cost efficient too

Yes, if you are introducing a live chat feature to your website, it ultimately will be cost efficient as the average revenue generation will be more compared to revenue generation by emails or phones. Also, consumers would love to purchase when they are treated well and found answers of their queries perfectly.

Furthermore, it is also a cheaper communication method than call centers too. You don’t have to recruit more service representatives for live chat facilitation as one representative can chat with multiple consumers simultaneously unlike call centers where one individual can handle only one customer at a time.

5. Customers are willing to buy more as the method is direct

customer willing power

Another study by Marketing Power revealed that customers who used live chat are three times more likely to buy the products as they have experienced a human touch and the method is direct and effective.

You can see the image above and the number of consumers using the live chat feature is increasing every year as it is one of the most direct, rational and quick communication method compared to other channels like email or phone calls.

6. The numbers using live chat feature is increasing

Also, a study by E-tailing Group showed that in the US, the consumers using the live chat feature to interact with the sellers is increased by 59% compared to last year’s 54%. This instant messenger service is becoming more lucrative and advantageous than emails and phone calls.

In the study, it was revealed than they were answered satisfactory immediately (77%) and the efficiency of the live chat as a communication method is excellent and effortless (52%).

7. It gives higher satisfaction and loyal customers.

A survey conducted by an eDigital Research, it was found that the customers who used the live chat support for their shopping; they placed orders in the same visit. 73% people told that they were highly satisfied and will come to visit the site for future shopping.

It was also found that live chat support has earned more brownie points than other digital touch points like phone service, email and social media. It also revealed that 31% were using live chat while the survey was conducted and they found it convenient when the representatives were directing how to use the website and place an order.

Bottom line

It is proved that the live chat support introduction in your customer service channel is something that is no more option; it is a necessity to gain the confidence and trust of your consumers. It gives a positive and personal feel to the consumers that you care about them and willing to help them at every stage of buying. It will surely make them buy your products and in the long run, they will surely like to come to you again and again. If you have not introduced the live chat support feature to your channel, you should go for it now.

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