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The next wave of customer
experience is here. Consumers want more, faster, but it’s hard to keep up.


Companies are weathering a 40% increase in digital interactions this year.

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Customers use 2.3+ channels for one problem when companies offer 3 or more.

multiple customer touch points

54% of customers say an experience gap will stop future business with a company.

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Acquire integrations with different channels

ENTER: A solution born and bred in a digital- first world

While some vendors are still clinging to the phone, Acquire was built in a world where Instagram and TikTok directly drive revenue. Our platform keeps you prepared for whatever comes next—without having to adjust your workflow. New channels, integrations, and AI-driven self-service are on our minds 24/7.

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KICKSTART Conversational

Say goodbye to tickets, one-time chats, and disparate customer data, and put people back at the heart of your business.

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Forget about buying the latest technology to keep up with the Goliaths of your world. Get back to what matters most—delivering WOW moments fast. Acquire helps you create big brand experiences without huge investments in tech or people.

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Plug in your favorite tools and start having conversations in days, not weeks. Customize your widget without calling IT, build efficient workflows and chatbots with visual editors, and train your team in less than a day. It really is fast and easy.

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