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All your customer
interactions in one view

Instantly engage your customers on any channel using the best communication tools, all from one dashboard.

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acquire unified view

Trusted by hundreds of companies across the world.

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Single Customer View

Visualize your customer journey

Modern teams manage multiple communication channels, including phone, live chat, social media, Shared Inbox, and more. Are you sure you’ve got them all covered? Introducing Acquire Unified View. Capture every customer interaction, and never lose sight of your customers again.

Disjointed experiences, begone!

With traditional help desks

It takes ages to solve problems, customers get transferred over and over again, and teams need to go through dozens of applications to find answers.

traditional help desk
Acquire Unified view

With Acquire Unified View

Your communication lives in one place, you know
exactly where your customers are, and your team can solve issues faster.

A simplified agent dashboard

Improve your agent experience to boost you customer experience. Easily view and respond to
customer interactions without toggling between multiple tools.

simplified agent dashboard
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Customer Engagement Software

Instant communication, happier customers

Respond to visitors and customers quickly and boost resolution time with Acquire communication tools.

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Never lose context

Know where customers came from, what they did, and who they last communicated with, all at a glance.

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Have all the right info

Avoid asking customers to repeat themselves. Stay updated on their latest interactions with you.

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Cross-channel communication

Hop between a range tools and channels easily from one centralized customer engagement dashboard.

The modern way to engage

Grow your business by improving your digital customer experience

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