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About the Acquire + Shopify integration

Integrate acquire and shopify in just a few clicks

Set up in seconds

Add the Acquire widget to your website in just a few clicks. No coding or developers required.

A messenger made to sell

Connect with customers through chat, voice, and video right from the same widget on your store. Show off new products, answer questions fast, and reduce cart abandonment.

Check order history, payment status and much more right within from acquire

Context at your fingertips

See every customer’s purchase history and cart content without toggling between tabs and tools. Create new orders, track shipments, and issue refunds all from within Acquire.

Automate the easy stuff

Free up your team for more complicated questions by deploying chatbots. Train your bots to answer FAQs, provide order information, and more — and instantly route to a human when necessary.

Add Acquire to your store

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