Track each customer’s journey with detailed profiles

Profile management helps can capture crucial customer data and use it to optimize experience and conversion. With Acquire, you'll never miss a touchpoint again.

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Harness the power of your data to personalize customer communication and drive conversions.


Track every interaction between your customers and business representatives.


Segment your customer lists based on characteristics and behaviors, so that your team can reach out at the right time with the right message.

Power better communication with comprehensive profiles

Acquire helps you easily manage and engage the customers you worked hard for
Make sure emails go to the right customers at the perfect time by targeting based on behavior, preferences and more
Have certain customers on your radar? Acquire notifies you when they return to your website.
Profile management makes it easier for teams to collaborate with customers
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Acquire tracks customer visits automatically so you can see their activity and identify exactly what they’re looking for
Customer interactions
View customer activity down to the second and get a feel of your typical customer journey with detailed activity timelines
Create customers groups in minutes based on their behaviour, business outcomes or your personalized rules
Keep in touch with your prospects Curve

Keep in touch with your prospects

Profiles allow you to keep in touch with prospects, maintain valuable stores of information and build lasting relationships
  • Follow customer activity and get notified when certain prospects return to your site
  • Send targeted, high-converting messages to customers
  • See every customer interaction on a detailed timeline

Grow and nurture your customer base with Acquire

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Customer details

Exceed customer expectations with profiles

Stay in contact with customers at every touchpoint to provide high-quality support and encourage loyalty
  • Invite multiple members of your team to help solve customer issues
  • Leave customers support notes for when they return to your site
  • Share support articles and FAQs with customers on the spot

Get your customer support covered with Acquire

Acquire is the first all-in-one communication platform for businesses across the board. We help you create, manage and automate targeted conversations with customers, gather crucial data and deliver impactful results.


Provide intelligent support that saves you time More


Engage and convert your online visitors at scale More


Deliver impactful customer experiences across their journey More


Automate up to 80% of customer questions More
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