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Communication at Scale

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acquire profile management


Strengthen your customer communication by managing each interaction


Timeline shows you every interaction a customer has had with your organization


Create segmented listed of customers and reach out to them based on their behaviour

Key features

Acquire allows you to easily engage and manage customers


Making sure your emails go to the right customers at the right time by targeting based on behavior and preferences


Once you start ‘following’ a customer, Acquire will notify you as the customers comes back onto the website


Profile management makes it easier for teams to collaborate together with customers


Acquire tracks customer visits automatically and tells you if potential customers or users are coming back

Customer interactions

Keeping all customers communications tidy with ‘Timelines’ and see all different times of engagement


Create customers groups in minutes based on their behaviour, rules and results.

Keep in touch with your prospects

Profiles allow you to keep in touch with prospects, maintain necessary information and build better relationships.

  • Follow and get notified when prospects come back to the website
  • Send targeted messages to your prospects
  • Timeline shows you every customer interaction

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Exceed customer
expectations with profiles

Keep in touch with your customers throughout the process of them requiring support is vital to maintaining loyalty.

  • Invite team members to help solve customer issues
  • Leave customers helps notes for when they come back
  • Share customers pre-developed articles and FAQ’s

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Acquire is a Communication Platform for sales, support, marketing and customer success teams to create and manage conversations with the customer and deliver results across the organization.


Provide faster and smarter support



Engage and convert your online visitors at scale



Deliver more impactful experiences



Automate up to 80% of customer questions


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