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High-quality support, any time

Create a knowledge base with help resources to get your customers and
agents the answers they need, whenever they need them.

Knowledge base software for customers
For customers

Your knowledge base will be the go-to place for your customers to discover how to use your products or services in the best way possible.

Knowledge base software for agents
For agents

Help your team find and deliver the right answers fast. Plus, onboard and train new hires easily with help resources at their fingertips.

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For visitors

Boost SEO for target topics: potential customers discover help content when searching online. And they’ll get a sneak peak of your offerings.

Improve customer experience

Offer self-service

Enable customers to solve issues on their own before contacting support.

Self service knowledge base
Automate support

Free up time for your team to focus on the most complex issues.

Automate support operations
Be available

Your knowledge base is always on and ready to help your customers.

Provide service round a clock with the help of acquire's knowledge base software

KNOWLEDGE BASE MANAGEMENTCreate and publish your
knowledge base in minutes

Craft your knowledge base articles, FAQs, user forums, how-tos, video tutorials,
or any content that supports your customers better.

Article Editor

Write your knowledge base articles using our elegant visual editor (WYSIWYG).

Theme Editor

Customize content with your choice of fonts and styles and craft your own branded knowledge base landing page.

Easy to communicate across various channels
Easy to communicate across various channels
Plug into chat

Enable users to search help resources directly from the messenger.

Easy to communicate across various channels
Easy to communicate across various channels


Acquire’s Knowledge Base software helps you streamline customer service
and grow your help resources through powerful features.


Break down language barriers and offer helpful content in your customers’ native tongue.


Automatically gather feedback on your knowledge base resources and tweak them when needed.

Article management

Sort and categorize your help resources in a way that makes sense to your customers and your team.

Custom themes

Brand the look and feel of your knowledge base with your colors, fonts, logos, and assets.

Rich editor

Customize the content flow of your articles — make it easy to use for agents and customers.

Article importer

Got knowledge lying around all over the place? No worries. Easily import all your content into Acquire.

Knowledge Base
and chatbot: A
power couple

Address repetitive questions with a chatbot that suggests relevant knowledge base articles to customers without needing a live support agent.

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Integrate with
live chat

Connect your Knowledge Base with your live chat solution, and offer automated assistance, capture requests, and auto-suggest articles.

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Improve self-service with reporting

Categorize issues by topic. See which content is most helpful and what needs some sprucing up by enabling and analyzing customer feedback on articles.

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Helping businesses put customers first

“ We don’t want our customers to have to do much to get what they need. And Acquire is
a cornerstone of that because it helps us achieve that goal. ”

— David Goodman, Customer Experience Lead, HLC
Connect knowledge base with other customer support tools

Make the most of your
knowledge base

Don’t set it and forget it – connect your help center with your other customer
service tools to offer a more complete experience across channels.