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Features with Acquire

Integrating Acquire with number 1 CRM to create new Contacts, Leads, and Cases

  1. Customer information is automatically added to the CRM while having a chat.
  2. View Contact/Lead details from Salesforce CRM.
  3. Real-time visitor monitoring.
  4. Chat notes and transcripts are added to CRM with the contact information.
Salesforce Integration with Acquire

Never let any prospect slip through your finger, record every visitor who has engaged with you on live chat as Leads or Contacts in Salesforce CRM.

Record all conversations as transcripts

Record and view all live chat conversations as transcripts inside Activities against each Lead or inside Cases/note against each Contact.


Step 1. Configured with salesforce:

goto  and click on salesforce button and enter salesforce email/password.




Step 2. Implementation:

Go to dashboard and start chatting and click on salesforce sync button .


Step 3. Create Account/Contact/Lead:

When choosing this option, you can add the visitor into Salesforce as a contact or Lead and the ongoing chat as a case/note under the contact or task/note under the lead.

The process of creating a contact the same as creating a lead. The contact creation has account ids list dropdown, you can also add new contact name there to add account new.




Once you have created a contact or lead , the details will be shown in the tab and you are free to edit the fields as needed.

When the chat ends, the chat details will be added as a case/note under the contact and task/lead under the lead.

If the visitor is found as a contact , then the contact details will be shown like this below. and you will see a button to Save chat transcript as case or note to this contact. Click the button to start the case-transcript process. When it’s done, you will see a message informing you that the case/note has been successfully saved to the current contact and same as lead.




Check your details into salesforce account to fetch your details , and chat transcript as well as.





After succesfully saved script into your panel. you can start working with Acquire Live Chat.

If you are experiencing any trouble with this integration, please contact us via Acquire or at