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Freshservice Configure with Acquire

This process of integrating your Freshservice account with the Acquire. You will be able to create new tickets directly from Acquire.

To integrate Acquire with your Freshservice account, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1

1. In the Acquire panel, go to Settings > Integrations and click on the to configured with Freshservice.


2. To fully integrate Acquire with Freshservice you will need your API Key. Please log into your https://[YOUR_ORG] account to find the API Key.

Please enter your details like this:

Subdomain : https://[YOUR_ORG]

Password: your Freshservice account password

API_key : abcdXXXXXXX


3. After you log in Freshservice panel, click on the profile icon on the right side top corner of the panel and click  Profile Setting  > Your API Key section and use this API.


Step 2

1. Return to  and go to the Freshservice in the Integrations section. Provide your email address, Freshservice URL, and the API key from above into the configuration settings.

2. Click the connect button to configure.

3.  To disconnect click on a red icon.

Step 3

1. Create tickets in Freshservice directly from, click on synchronize Freshservice Integration button during a chat.


When you send a transcript to Freshservice, you can see it both in the Home and Tickets views:




That’s it! Your chat is now fully integrated with Freshservice!

If you are experiencing any trouble with this integration, please contact us via Acquire or at

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