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Social Platforms

Features with Acquire
  • Grow your power of Social Media and have an access to your Facebook chats directly from Acquire Dashboard
Step 1. Configured with Facebook:

Goto and click on facebook button.


You will redirect to facebook for facebook login. Enter your Facebook credentials.


Facebook changed his user policies, while login with facebook he needs to give all its permission which app is required to send page messaging, otherwise it will not work in your FB account.

Facebook Page that you want your webhook to receive events for when people on Messenger chat with it.

For that, please follow these instructions for that:

Add/reconnect Facebook Pages again and click allow/yes for all permission screens.





After app configured, you will redirect to an page and Facebook will be connected there.

Note: Click continues to allow permission to Acquire Facebook app.


Step 2. Page Subscribed

Click on subscribe page button and select your page to subscribe to page messaging event. if you haven’t created any pages then please create any page to subscribe.


Step 3. Message Sent from page

Now open your subscribed page ex: Acquire portal and send a text message from there.



After that go to portal dashboard and check your chats.


Click on Start chat which is coming from Facebook.


Step 4

If pages permissions are missing, just click the “View and Edit” app and give pages permission.


Default page settings

App role of Primary Receiver, which means it will receive all webhook events for our Page by default.

Go to Page Settings > Messenger Platform.

Only one app may be assigned the Primary Receiver role.

If you are experiencing any trouble with this integration, please contact us via Acquire or at

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