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Create richer experiences while increasing efficiency

Recenter your customer engagement strategy around digital channels with Acquire. Provide the same great service at a fraction of the cost of phone calls with live chat, video, and cobrowse.

Explore conversational CX

Put a face to the name and build trust-fast

Everyone has a favorite teller at their local branch. Give your entire team the ability to build trust and foster relationships with video chat.

Connect in just a few clicks

Securely show and tell

Help customers complete applications and troubleshoot errors with Acquire’s native cobrowsing. Agents can quickly escalate conversations to a cobrowsing session to deliver in-the-moment resolutions at record speeds.

Collaborate with cobrowsing

Learn how Elevate reduced handle times by
75% with cobrowsing

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Make everyone feel like a VIP

Build customer loyalty by treating every interaction like it’s part of a single, ongoing conversation. Empower agents with the context they need to provide personalized service for everyone.

Explore customer profiles

Automate the easy stuff and optimize workflows

Help customers help themselves. Deploy intelligent chatbots trained to handle routine questions and in-depth knowledge bases made searchable right in the chat widget.

Get to know your future AI assistant

Keep data safe and sound with
enterprise-grade security

Your data is safe with us. Acquire provides multi-layer safeguards like SSO, in-transit encryption, audit logging, and more.


  • Acquire SOC2 certified
  • Acquire GDPR
  • Hippa compliant
  • CSA

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