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More efficient agents and happier customers

Unlike triggers and automations that exist in legacy systems, business rules allow administrators to customize the Acquire platform without engineering support. Whether you want to assign a chatbot to a specific web page, capture visitor information with a form, or assign an agent to incoming emails, business rules make it easy to build out a repeatable, scalable, and consistent customer experience.

Route and enable actions based on behavioral and demographic conditions

Direct customers to agents, departments, channels, or destinations on your site based on what country they’re in, what language they speak, actions they've taken, URLs they’ve visited, and more.

Customize rules by channel

Apply business rules across all channels—like email, chat, and video—or customize them to be specific to select channels.

Provide support during non-working hours

Set up rules to collect visitor information and inquiries when your business is closed or agents aren't online and respond to customers when you're ready.

Build out business rules without coding

Create complex, custom rules and triggers natively in the Acquire platform with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Analyze this

The look and feel of the chat widget on your site.


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