Join the Next Wave of CX with Acquire’s Spring 2021 Launch

April 6, 2021
12:00 am

Every company, no matter who its customers are, has an opportunity to differentiate itself by providing amazing digital experiences. Our aim at Acquire is to help you do just that, which is why our Spring 2021 launch is packed with exciting new capabilities.

But before we get into that, let’s take a look at what’s changed and what’s to come in the world of customer service and support:

  • Forrester predicts another 40 percent increase in digital interactions this year.
  • 58 percent of customers feel that they’re communicating with separate departments across channels, rather than a single company [Deloitte].
  • In 2019, 60 percent of customers reported that agents know their product and history service half of the time or less [Microsoft].

These figures clearly show the importance of service excellence, but they also support the fact that companies that embrace the positive impact of digital transformation ultimately generate higher net revenue. We all saw how digital transformation accelerated dramatically in 2020, and now that companies have laid the groundwork, it’s the perfect opportunity to create long-term customer experience initiatives that allow brands to be leaders in their industry.

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How we’re tackling new customer expectations

Our customers, and their customers in turn, want efficient solutions and resolutions—fast. To deliver that, our product team invested heavily in capabilities and features that reduce handle time, automate processes across the customer journey, and lead to higher customer satisfaction scores.

We’ve added new channels, redesigned our backend user interface, and enhanced platform administration so you can build the perfect journey for your customer inquiries. Let’s dive into  the details:

Conversational threads

When threading was first introduced in Gmail, it transformed how we view our inboxes. Now, you can view threaded conversations from every channel in Acquire, even if you switch up mid-conversation. This makes it even easier to stay up-to-date with conversations and also provides valuable insight into how conversations escalate before resolution.

Shared email inboxes

Email remains a crucial digital touchpoint for sales, customer service, and support. Teams can now connect unlimited inboxes to Acquire—both individual and alias addresses—so that every customer conversation is pulled into the platform.

This means that if an agent goes on vacation, a teammate can stay on top of open conversations without worrying about forwarding rules or missing context. It also empowers teams to route email conversations to the right departments, tag in colleagues to help resolve the inquiry, and even send follow-up responses via email if the conversation began on another channel.

Redesigned workspace

Customer conversations are the heart of CX, and now we’ve put them at the heart of Acquire. The user interface has three core panels: pending, active, and closed conversations, open conversations, and customer profiles. This allows agents to quickly accept conversations, review historical context, and better understand the customer they’re speaking with. The customer profiles pane also enables agents to toggle between important information and integrated tools like CRMs, ecommerce platforms, article search, and more.

Additionally, we’ve upgraded chatbot, knowledge base, and business rule editors to make it even easier to build out workflows. These functions use WYSIWYG editors so there’s no coding required.

Advanced administration and configuration

Building a best-in-class CX journey requires a flexible solution. That’s why Acquire’s administration portal gives you full control over your instance, messenger appearance, security, and more.

Account settings allow you to build out custom attributes to map data across your tech stack while messenger setup provides a quick and easy way to update the look and feel, automated messages, greetings, and more.

Upgraded Business Rules and Triggers

Your CX platform should make it easy to connect customers to the right information and people. Automate key functions like conversation routing and assignment, apply bots to specific web pages, and much more besides with business rules and triggers. Administrators can optimize workflows by removing manual effort from archiving emails, automatic replies, assigning tags, creating channel-specific operating hours, and more.

This is just the beginning for business rules—there’s plenty more exciting developments in the pipeline to help you answer customers quickly and provide amazing service.

Business analytics and reporting

As the adage goes, you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Track conversation volume and spikes, customer geographics, agent performance, chatbot effectiveness, and more—all from right inside of Acquire. We’ve also added custom reports which allow you to explore and layer data together for even more valuable insights into potential areas of improvement.

New Integrations & Partners

Hate data silos? Us too. We’ve added new integrations to connect Acquire with your existing tech stack. These include:


Manage your Shopify store customer experience in Acquire. View order history, cart contents, and create orders straight from the conversation timeline.


Plug your ecommerce platform into Acquire for better customer service. Create orders, track their status, and view customer history directly in the Acquire workspace.


Manage contracts and more. Send Docusign envelopes from the conversation timeline and review signature status without leaving the dashboard.

Chili Piper

Want to generate more leads and revenue? Schedule meetings and route leads to the right teams using the Chili Piper widget app.


We’ve upgraded our existing integration to enhance data syncing capabilities, included additional permissioning, and created a deeper connection between your CRM and Acquire.


Enhance your digital banking experience by pairing Acquire with Alkami.

Looking Forward

The Spring 2021 launch is just the start—there’s plenty more exciting new developments in store this year at Acquire. We’ll continue to build out our product to support the conversational customer experience, centralize and optimize workflows, and generate powerful business analytics and insights. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements.


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