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Understand how Acquires live chat analytics is impacting your business and your customers

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Acquire analytics


Measure how happy your customers are, how well your team if performing to how many customers converted as a result of Acquire



With Acquires Live Monitoring dashboard you can see in real-time how the team is performing against set goals



Test and measure your campaigns and see which one of your campaigns worked best with your customers

Make insightful decisions

Get actionable data across all aspects of the business and team and improve productivity and your customers experience

Make insightful decisions
Sales and Support

Sales and Support

A complete overview to see your team performance across both Sales & Support

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Make it easier for customers to tell you about their experience with your team and organization

Bot performance

Bot performance

Understand how your bot is engaging with customers and continuously optimize through analytics


Actionable insights for boosting sales

Acquire allows you to see the impact of live chat on the organization and how each team member is contributing


Paul Biancaniello,

They have great features that really allow for better engagement with our customers, other than just text.

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Conversion rate

Identify how many chat conversations converted into sales, sign ups, demos and understand your ROI.

Agent performance

Understand how your sales team is performing and learn what helps to drive sales.


Know exactly how many leads/prospects were added and get an overview of performance over time.


With goals you can see how the team is performing against business objectives and keep driving forward

Get a better understanding of your Support Performance

Our analytics allow your team to resolve customers issues faster and smarter

1Response time

Know how quickly your support team is responding to your customers and set average response time goals

2Agent overview

Know how to boost team performance with individual agent insights and who are your top performers

3Reason for support

With chat tagging, you can understand why your customers are reaching out for support


Using feedback to
understand customers

Acquire allows customers to leave feedback
after each chat which allows you to measure
their experience each time

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Measuring outreach

Get detailed information on emails and campaigns when reaching out to customers


Know exactly how many emails were sent out to customers and how this helps drive traffic.

2In-app messages

See which in-app messages work the best with response rates to sent messages.


Measure the results of campaigns and understand which campaigns work best with your customers.

e-mail analytics

Measure how your Bot is
coming along

Your Bot is just like another member of the team who always stays in the office so it’s just as important to measure how its getting along with your customers

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Bot Conversations

Get an overview of how many conversations your bot is having with customers


Measure how many bot conversation resulted in the customer receiving the correct response

Leads generated

As another member of team, you can see how many customers details were captured and past to your team

Answered vs Unanswered

Know exactly how many questions the bot is struggling to answer and improve its performance

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