Acquire raises $5.4M in funding round with S28, Fathom Capital and NHN Ventures
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Acquire optimum customer support solution provider
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Who we are

Real time, all-in-one customer support

We've all been at the end of a poor customer support experience. And let's be honest:it sucks — for businesses and their customers. At Acquire, we get it. Great support stands out and pays off bigin the long-run. We believe there's a human way to be supportive, no matter
where you and your customers are.

The Reason

Why we made Acquire

Acquire was created out of a need for immediate customer feedback. Our founders struggledto find a way to get instant, on-screen assistancewhile purchasing designs on a printing website. They couldn't get the support they needed so theybounced.
Realizing how frequently this happensfor all businesses in all sectors, they had an idea:
"What if we could do something about it?" And so,they built Acquire.

The Team

Our Leadership

The Team

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