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At Acquire, we do things differently.

We get it. Digital communication can easily become convoluted.
That’s why we dream of a world where:

Every company has the power to create great customer conversations at their fingertips.

Customer conversations at fingertips

Every company has time to concentrate on WOW-ing customers, not just fighting fires.

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Every company has the ability to innovate their customer experience, without breaking the bank.

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THE STORY We’re not your typical San Francisco startup.

Acquire isn’t a side project born out of an Ivy League classroom. We didn’t build our product in a fancy coffee shop. We didn’t even have a ceremonial toast when we launched. No — Acquire was born out of necessity. From the real business needs of two ambitious entrepreneurs with no Plan B.

Before launching Acquire, our founders ran an online printing website. But, they had a problem: customers were dropping off their online editor page in droves. So they added web chat for customer support. It was only a partial fix, though— they still couldn’t see where customers needed help on-screen. And asking them to screen share through a third-party app just left them frustrated.

That’s when Laduram built this thing called cobrowsing—our first Acquire feature. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Our values

We hold our values dear to our hearts at Acquire. After all,
they’re the guiding principles that make us who we are.

  • Set ambitious goals

    We give it our 100%
    every time.

  • Twists and turns icon

    We choose to take the journey and welcome twists and turns with grace.

  • Respect in the workplace

    We walk in the shoes
    of others.

  • Bravely try different paths to achieve goals

    We valiantly take paths others don’t.

  • Acquire job opportunities

    We create

Careers at acquire

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Check our careers page.

the history

Customer satisfaction ratings 2016

Amrit Dhangal and Laduram Vishnoi officially launch Acquire (then known as Tagove) from the U.K.

Launch acquire in 2016 from the UK
Customer satisfaction ratings 2017

Acquire sets up shop in San Francisco and opens an office in Ahmedabad, India, too.

Acquire received first seed funding in 2018 2018

Acquire receives its first round of pre-seed funding.

First 100 customers in 2019 2019

Acquire signs its first 100 customers, secures a round of seed funding, and builds out the team across the U.S., U.K., and India.

Acquire continues to help businesses with the help of series A funding round 2020

A $6.4M Series A funding round helps Acquire continue supporting businesses during uncertain times.


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Acquire team

Meet the team

Our leaders

  • Amrit Dhangal

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Acquire's ceo & cofounder laduram vishnoi

    Laduram Vishnoi

    President & Founder

  • My Doan Cong

    VP of People

  • Acquire's sr director of finance terry yang

    Terry Yang

    Sr. Director of Finance

  • Giovanni Bryden

    Director of Customer Success

Our advisors

  • Shvetank Jain

    Shvetank Jain

    Partner, S28

  • TJ Nahigian

    TJ Nahigian

    Partner, Base10

  • Andrew Miklas

    Partner, S28

  • John Komkov

    Founder, Fathom

  • Chano Fernandez

    Co-CEO, Workday

The backers