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Why we made Acquire

We’ve all have good and bad experiences with online brands continuously, yet in both cases we felt they could have done so much more to boost engagement with their customers for sales and support. Especially, as overtime businesses have become the ones fighting for customers in the online space.

We made our move towards live chat. We realised Live chat widgets had always been limited to text chat and in most cases talking to the customer in-person and/or visually seeing the customer screen would have been far more convenient. It was about building more avenues of engagement between the customer and the company.

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At Acquire our mission is to connect companies with their online customers through our communication platform. We are the first to bring a multi-channel/automated messenger for businesses - empowering companies to deliver better experiences with their sales and support teams”

Acquire Team


Our Values

These define our company and are reflected in each team member and how we operate as a company.


Our passion comes from how online communication has changed for everyone including us and how it will continue to change yours and our experiences


Innovation has led us through this life journey and is at the core of how we move forward for our customers



Every business has highs and lows - no matter how we change as people or as a company, being humble is vital


We create real relationships with our customers and has always remained as part of our core business

Acquire recognized in Live Chat based on user reviews Acquire Recognized as High Performer in Spring 2019 on G2 Crowd
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